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Building on current tax courses (such as international tax planning, group tax law, transfer pricing, indirect taxes, etc.) and information technology basics (structured programming, database systems, business intelligence and big data, introduction to artificial intelligence), the Tax Law Technology Center aims to teach at the interface of both disciplines.

Tax Law Technology Courses

Tax Law Technology Course: Microsoft Co-Piloting on indirect taxes, customs duties and transfer pricing

October, 2024

Past Events

Vienna Certificate in Tax Law Technology 

The "Vienna Certificate in Tax Law Technology" is a certificate program, which offers a unique opportunity to combine two excellent courses with a high-class use case study as well as a technical paper supervised by the experts of the WU Tax Law Technology Center.

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LL.M. Digitalization & Tax Law

Digitalization is changing the corporate world to a massive extent. Professions concerned with taxes and tax law are now called upon to rethink their practices. The required changes, however, pose a great challenge to many businesses. Experts can acquire the skill set needed to stay on top of the existing possibilities to use technological innovations in tax law to further reduce costs and facilitate processes in the LL.M. Digitalization and Tax Law of the WU Executive Academy.

LL.M program " Digitalization & Tax law"