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High Level Scientific Conferences

Since the year 2000 the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law at WU Vienna has been successfuly organizing "High Level Scientific Conferences" on the topic of International Tax Law. These conferences are sponsored by the European Union in the framework of the "Human Potential Programme". The first series of conferences dealt with following topics:

  • "Tax Treaty Interpretation" (2000)

  • "Settlement of Disputes in Tax Treaty Law" (2001)

  • "Avoidance of Double Non-Taxation" (2002)

  • "CFC Legislation" (2003)

  • "WTO and Direct Taxation" (2004)

  • "Tax Treaties and Social Security Conventions" (2005) Gallery Part 1 Gallery Part 2

  • "The EU and Third Countries" (2006) Gallery

The conferences took place in Rust and Hernstein and participants from in and outside the European Union attended these events. Experts on this topic led interesting discussion with young European scientists. On average 80 people with different nationalities attended the conferences. The results of each conference where published in cooperation with Linde Verlag. Also the second series of conferences, which started in Juli 2003 with the topic "CFC Legislation" has attracted lots of interest among the scientific community, especially from USA and New Zealand.