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RespACT CEO Talk on Responsible Business Practices

Each year, the corporate platform respACT organizes a CEO Talk. On November 28, 2023, the focus was on responsible business practices, with André Martinuzzi delivering the keynote speech on the topic.…

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Guest Lecture by Marianna Neumüller-Klapper (Nespresso)

Students of our Bachelor's courses gain profound insights into corporate practices. This practice lecture focused on Nespresso, highlighting their sustainability goals and the wide array of measures.

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WU Study on the Supply Chain Act

A new study on supply chain responsibility highlights the outstanding achievements of Austrian companies and demonstrates that responsibility is a strategic success factor.

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World Premiere of an OECD Handbook at WU Wien

During an international conference organized by the institute, the OECD presented for the first time its new handbook on environmental due diligence in mineral supply chains.