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Completing Your Studies

After you have earned all the required credits in your degree program and all the academic requirements for completion of your program are properly displayed in the LPIS system and/or your transcript, please go to the WU web services to report the completion of your studies.

Please note that processing your graduation documents may take up to four weeks (from the time you report the completion of your studies).

As soon as your graduation documents (certificate, official notification, diploma supplement, and annexes to the diploma) are ready for pickup, you will be informed by e-mail and can book an appointment to pick up the documents at the Study Service Center. Please note the information about making an appointment.

Please bring the following when you report to collect your graduation documents:

  • Your WU student ID or another official photo ID

  • Confirmation that you have completed the UStat 2 form on time spent abroad during your studies (either in digital form or as a print-out). This form must be completed even if you did not spend any time abroad. If you need a substitute code for filling out the form, please contact the Examinations Office.

  • Please fill out the WU graduate survey and print the last page of the questionnaire as confirmation that you have completed it. Bring the proof of completion of the survey with you when you come to pick up your graduation documents.

  • A hardbound copy of your master’s thesis. This copy will be submitted to the WU University Library by the Examinations Office. Please note the information on submitting your master’s thesis on this page.

  • If required, the completed application for an embargo on your master’s thesis.

You can also appoint another person to collect your graduation documents for you and submit your registration for a graduation ceremony. You will need to provide this person with a power of attorney.


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