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Stress-free exam preparation


Workshop | D4.0.144 | 12:30 - 3:00 PM

Stress-free exam preparation (EN)


Does stress boost your performance or block you in getting ahead? Often we get stressed and stuck in a stress reaction rather than being able to use the body’s way of providing extra energy to do well. If you are interested in learning about making the energy stress your friend and letting go of unnecessary stress, this practical body-based workshop (in English!) is for you.

ContextStress is the body’s way of providing extra energy to deal with a challenge. The question is how can you use this energy in a productive way that supports you in being successful in exams? What can you do to let go of unnecessary stressors while tapping into the energy of stress when needed and for your own purposes and goals.
Skills & Goals
  • Learn ways how to identify if you’re stuck in a stress reaction
  • Improving discernment between stress reaction and stress response
  • Practice embodied exercises to shift out of a stressed state
  • Building capacity and embodied self-awareness to hold intensity and ambiguity in the context of stressful situations
  • Register here for the workshop.
  • Note that places are limited.
  • Be kind! - If you can’t make it, let us know so we can offer the space to another student.


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