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Embodied Learning with Archetypes


Workshop | EA Foyer | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Embodied Learning with Archetypes

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What does a good student look like? Is learning an enjoyable experience for you?

How do you think you need to be as a good student? And to what extent does this correspond to your lived experience as a student at WU? If you’d like to learn more about yourself and how you learn – for university and life – this is an essential workshop for you!

Ana Bernardes works as a trainer and facilitator with a focus on embodiment and movement in corporate and educational contexts.

ContextCognition is always embodied cognition. We learn as human beings, in interaction between mind, body and environment. If we take one element out of the equation, learning can become a struggle. Learning can and should, however, be an enjoyable experience. This workshop is an invitation to create a new version for yourself of what makes for a good student.
Goals & Skills
  • Understanding yourself better and how you learn
  • Identifying different aspects in yourself – we all have all archetypes within us – that bring different qualities to and enrich your experience of learning
  • Working with Jungian archetypes:
    magician, lovers, hero, sovereign  - to discover new ways of relating to your learning experience
  • Learning practices that support you to access different qualities as needed (and setting anchors)
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  • Limited spaces - on a first come, first served basis. Can't join? Please let us know in time so we can offer your spot to another student. 
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