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Study program

The Curriculum of the label is based on the Curriculum for the PhD program in Economic and Social Sciences (Studienplan PhD in Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften) from Oct 2019, referred to as "The Curriculum 2019". The general rules of the Curriculum 2019 apply, but some parts are specified further (see below).

After a student has successfully completed her/his PhD studies (including the specifications of the PhD label) WU issues a graduation certificate confirming the successful completion of the "PhD Program in Economic and Social Sciences in the Field of Mathematics in Economics and Business" and it awards the academic degree Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The program is fully taught in English.

Following the Curriculum 2019, the study program consists of:

Mandatory Courses

Mandatory Courses are determind by the PhD Curriculum of WU (version 2019)

Overview Mandatory Courses


Formal requirements: Students have to take 7 electives (2 hrs/semester, 6 ECTS); to ensure sufficient broadness in the education, at least one elective needs to be taken from each of the following four fields:

Stochastic Processes and Financial Mathematics

Statistics and Computing

Analysis, Optimization and Operations Research

Economics and Business

Thesis and Defensio

Here you will find general information and guidelines for your PhD thesis.

General information

Guidelines for a PhD thesis at the Institute for Statistics and Mathematics