Die Erholunsgzone vor dem D4 Gebäude über dem Brunnen.


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Successful application for FWF's 1000 ideas program

Laura Vana Gür´s (Institute for Statistics and Mathematics) project, which deals with spotting gender bias in children’s books, was selected as one of two successful WU projects for funding in FWF´s…

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Jana Hlavinová and Gabriela Kováčová won SIAM-FME Conference Paper Prize

Both first prizes of the SIAM-FME Conference Paper Prize went to the Institute for Statistics and Mathematics! Jana Hlavinová won with her paper: T. Fissler, R. Frongillo, J. Hlavinová, B. Rudloff…

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Gabriela Kováčová & Birgit Rudloff (StatMath) – Publication in the A+ journal Operations Research

The paper “Time consistency of the mean-risk problem” by Gabriela Kováčová and Birgit Rudloff was published in the A+ journal Operations Research. Congratulations!

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postponement - WU matters. WU talks. - „Corona und die Frauen“

The Department of Finance, Accounting and Statistics hosts a lecture evening in the series "WU matters. WU talks"

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H-2020 Project with FAS researchers

Ronald Hochreiter, Kurt Hornik (both StatMath) and Christian Ochs (FBI) are part of the international project “A FINancial supervision and TECHnology compliance training program”. The FIN-TECH…