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Volunteering@WU invites students to explore community engagement by supporting children from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. You can enroll as a volunteer in the study buddy (“Lernbuddy”) program to work with children from Caritas institutions, such as mother-child-homes and counseling centers. You will meet with your study buddy once a week during one or more terms to assist with schoolwork as well as spend leisure time together. You can also participate in the music buddy program, participating in a choir together with the children, and work on different performances each semester. One more regular initiative is the annual summer camp in which you can gain an intensive colearning experience together with the children.

Before going into the fieldwork, all volunteers receive training and coaching from Volunteering@WU. German skills are required for participation.

Taking part in the program is recognized as a free elective in WU’s curriculum (3 ECTS/term).

Interested in hearing more about firsthand experiences, directly from former volunteers? Click here to listen to a podcast interview with Constanze Arming (part of the podcast series at WU's Social Entrepreneurship Center).

Please note that although STaR actively supports Volunteering@WU in publicizing its initiatives, we do not provide information on its application process or individual projects. Please visit its website for details on how to get involved.