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SDG 2 Zero Hunger

SDG 2 focuses on ridding the world of hunger and ensuring food security and nutrition for all. WU students Marlene and Sonja tell us that, to equalize access to nutritious food, it is important to stabilize trade prices for food between high- and middle-income and lower-income countries. They also refer to food waste as an important issue to address and recommend that we, as individuals, plan our grocery shopping ahead of time, pay close attention to what and how much we buy, and support organizations that are working toward minimizing or eliminating food waste, such as Too Good to Go and many others (see also our video on SDG 12, Responsible Consumption and Production)!

Video SDG 2 - Sonja & Marlena

SDG 2 - Sonja & Marlena

Although we produce enough crops to sustain everyone on the planet, there are still nearly 820 million undernourished people in the world today. Dr. Christina Holweg, Associate Professor at the Institute of Retailing & Data Science, clarifies that, while access to food is necessary, affordability is just as crucial for many of the communities in need. She goes on to stress the importance of addressing the issue of food waste, which, in the context of working toward zero hunger, she refers to as food loss. Therein, Social Supermarkets provide a valuable solution by collecting unsaleable food from conventional supermarkets as well as manufacturers and offering it at significantly reduced prices to people living in severe financial restrictions.

Video SDG 2 - Christina Holweg & Katerina

SDG 2 - Christina Holweg &…