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Sustainable Economics and Business II (ZuWi II) Awards


Recognizing outstanding theses on sustainable development issues by WU’s undergraduate students. . .

Back in May 2020, the study module Sustainable Economics and Society (ZuWi II) at WU initiated an award for excellent Bachelor’s thesis. The award promotes the visibility of outstanding performance by WU’s undergraduate students. It also aims to motivate students from the fields of Business Administration, International Business Administration and Information Systems, to further explore and critically reflect the embeddedness of economic activities in social and ecological contexts.  

This year, the jury has nominated Adna Ahmicand Aleksandar Dimitrijević. Their work explores different but equally important issues in the debate about sustainable society and economy.

Adna examined the COVID-19 pandemic as a cause for changes in the world of work. And Aleksandar research refers to EU’s current dealings with European Tax Havens and Offshore Financial Centers. More detailed accounts of both papers, as well as background on the authors’ motivation for writing on those timely topics, can be found on the Bachelor Thesis in ZuWi II website [in German] and/or STaR Theses Writing for Impact [with Adna and Alesandar’s interviews in English].

We congratulate Adna Ahmic and Aleksandar Dimitrijević and look forward to future nominations! 

We thank for this News entry – and the hard work behind the ZuWi Awards – to:

Johanna Hofbauer, ZUWI II program coordinator, Institute of Sociology and Empirical Reserach and STaR Faculty Member

Felix Butzlaff, Institute for Social Change and Sustainability

Karl-Michael Brunner, Institute of Sociology and Empirical Research and STaR Faculty Member

Veronika Pribula, Tutor Sustainable Economics and Business II

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