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Refugee Talents: A research-informed guide


By WU’s researchers, in collaboration with WKO and IV. Click to read more and download...

The integration of people who have been granted a refugee status into the Austrian labor market would represent a major achievement. To individuals who have been forced to flee violence and persecution in their home countries, economic autonomy and independence are of utter importance. But also for Austria as a host society, integrating refugees into the workforce would bring many benefits, including filling palpable labor shortage gaps, diversifying workforce, fostering innovation, and adding positive impact on tax revenues.

The new brochure by WU’s Judith Kohlenberger (Institute for Social Policy), Milda Zilinskaite (STaR), and project assistant Teresa Riosa, in collaboration with Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO) and Federation of Austrian Industries (IV) presents research insights on refugee employment. It dispels common misconceptions and provides useful tips for recruitment, onboarding and management of persons with refugee background.

With quotations from scholars, humanitarian aid experts, and business leaders.

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Refugee Talents: Leitfaden für Arbeitgeber/innen zur Unterstützung von Recruiting, Onboarding und Beschäftigung geflüchteter Mitarbeiter/innen

[For now, available only in German]

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