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Inside Impact Podcast - sustainability series


Tune in for our special series of episodes dedicated to Sustainability and Sustainable Development. . .

Inside Impact is all about civil society, social entrepreneurship and social impact. Produced by Susan Üstün and Martin Mehrwald, this podcast came to life at WU Vienna’s Social Entrepreneurship Centre in early 2020 and offers a variety of insights into topics relevant to civil society.

In its current special series “Sustainability meets social entrepreneurship”, produced in collaboration with STaR, Inside Impact focusses on sustainability and sustainable development. In talks with social entrepreneurs (e.g. markta’s Theresa Imre), managers of large enterprises (e.g. IKEA Austria’s Alpaslan Deliloglu), economists (e.g. Prof. Sigrid Stagl) and many more, questions, issues, but also - importantly - solutions in the context of sustainability and sustainable development are discussed.

Current episodes in the special series include:

  • Teaser - Sustainability and Sustainable Development - Milda Zilinskaite and Reinhard Millner (Ep. 35)

  • SDGs and Sustainable Development - Viola Christian (Ban Ki Moon Centre for Global Citizens) and James Gunn (WU) (Ep. 36).

  • What can Social Entrepreneurs contribute to sustainability and transformation? - Theresa Imre (Founder & CEO Markta) & Martin Wesian (Founder  HELIOZ) (Ep.37)

  • A 101 on Sustainability with Prof. Sigrid Stagl (WU) (Ep. 38).

  • Two takes on sustainable business: Alpaslan Deliloğlu (CEO IKEA Austria) and Richard Auer-Welsbach (organic farmer and forester) in conversation (Ep. 39).

  • Activism - a road to change society and business? Prof. Giuseppe Delmestri (WU) and Daniel Gratzer (Fridays For Future Austria) in Conversation (Ep. 40).

  • Responsible Universities shaping Sustainability with Rector Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger (Ep. 41)

  • Nancy Fraser on Feminism and Climation Action for the 99% (Ep. 42).

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