Competence Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR)

Free online educational program WU4Juniors


STaR team is delighted to have contributed to this Third Mission initiative, which aims to empower the youth with awareness and knowledge building. . .

Our university’s new educational program WU4Juniors promotes financial, economic, and legal literacy, as well as sustainability-oriented thinking among young people. The program consists of 48 online modules and 13 topics, with video-based educational resources (MOOMs; Massive Open Online Modules) in German, available free of cost on the platform LearnPublic. The audience that the initiative seeks to engage are mostly young, pre-college learners (age groups 16 to 19 years old) from the German-speaking countries, although, of course, anyone interested is welcome to tune in.

The recordings of the modules on CSR and sustainable development include STaR team members and colleagues: Sigrid Stagl (Co-Director, STaR), Stefan Giljum (Faculty Member, STaR), Christoph Kecht (Head of Campusmanagement), Milda Zilinskaite (Senior Scientist and Manager, STaR), as well as student volunteers Monika Bucha (oikos Vienna) and Stefan Schuster (ÖH WU Umweltreferat). The contents cover a broad range of topics, from potential environmental damages of streaming to the role of companies’ CSR programs in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The development of the program contents and tech support would not have been possible without the collaboration of Program Management and Teaching & Learning Support, the Institute for Business Education, Digital Teaching Services and WUtv. For more details on the program WU4Juniors, click here [in German].

To access the WU4Juniors video resources click here.

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