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We are an interdisciplinary team representing social and natural sciences, and the humanities. We are dedicated to fostering research-, teaching-, and outreach- collaboration on and beyond our university's campus.

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Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr. Sigrid Stagl, M.S.

Sigrid Stagl

Co-Director of STaR; Institute for Ecological Economics; Head of the Department of Socioeconomics
Univ.Prof. Dr.rer.pol. Günter Stahl

Günter Stahl

Co-Director of STaR; Institute for International Business, Department of Global Business and Trade
Dr. Milda Zilinskaite

Milda Zilinskaite

Senior Scientist and STaR Center Manager
Dr.rer.nat. Christian Rammel

Christian Rammel

Third Mission at STaR; Head of the RCE Vienna

STaR Fellows (voluntary support)

Marius Brand, MSc(WU),MIM(CEMS)

Marius Brand

STaR Fellow
Responsibilities: Communications, NBS SCC Workshop Administration and Support
Marlene Gruber, MSc(WU),MIM(CEMS)

Marlene Gruber

STaR Fellow
Responsibilities: SDG-Club & SDG-Day, On-Campus Sustainability Initiatives, Liason to Student Clubs
Assoz.Prof. Dr. Christof Miska

Christof Miska

STaR Fellow
Responsibilities: STaR Intellectual Community liaison, curricula development (SET)

STaR Student Support

María Díaz Macías

Graduate Student Assistant (CEMS Master's program) at the Institute for International Business, part-time support for STaR (Spring, 2021-Summer, 2022). Maria has been helping us in improving STaR social media strategy, contributing new website contents, and in organizing the NBS SCC 2021 Workshop. Here's Maria's LinkedIn profile.

Kateřina Krebsová

STaR Project Assistant (CEMS Master's program). Kateřina helped us with the first two phases of the STaR SDG-Video initiative (Spring, 2021-Summer, 2022). She prepared research materials, coordinated communications with 50+ participants, participated in the filming, and helped us with the post-production. Here's Kateřina's LinkedIn profile.

Teresa Riosa

Teresa (Spring-Summer, 2022) is supporting us with the various aspects of STaR Humanitarian Aid Hub initiative, including research behind and compilation of #Humanitarian Crisis: How Can We All Help? table and the social awareness campaign on STaR LinkedIn. Here's Teresa's LinkedIn profile.

Susan Üstün

STaR Graduate Student Assistant (SEEP Master's program), Fall 2020. Susan helped us to enhance the Sustainability@WU and For Students pages, and to start the collection of STaR Resources. Where is Susan heading now? Here is her LinkedIn, and a link to a podcast she co-produces: Inside Impact.

Dorian Aigner

STaR Graduate Student Assistant (CEMS Master's program), Summer 2020. Dorian collected the first round of Thesis Writing for Impact topics, conducted student interviews, and helped our team to launch the Sustainability@WU page. Where is he heading now? Here's Dorian's LinkedIn profile.