Hintere Außenansicht des D2 Gebäudes


One course from an exchange semester can be recognized as a part of this SBWL, if the scope and content of a course taken during a WU semester abroad is equivalent to:

  • Course V of the SBWL Public and Nonprofit Management deepens the basics of SBWL in specific policy fields or selected topics in the field of public or NPO management. In terms of content, in addition to specific policy fields (e.g. higher education, health care, etc.), a country- or region-specific deepening (e.g. EU Governance) as well as a deepening of central topics of public or NPO management such as performance management, citizen participation, or behavioral public administration would be equivalent. In any case, the course must go beyond the contents of Courses I and II of the SBWL, and the reference to relevant contents must be clearly evident from the course description.

All other courses of the SBWL (Course I, Course II, Course III and Course IV) should be taken, without exception, as part of our SBWL curriculum, and cannot be replaced by a course from an exchange semester.

Procedure: If you have been nominated for a semester abroad and wish to take Course V of our SBWL as part of your stay abroad, please be sure to obtain a preliminary notification of the desired recognition before you start your stay abroad. You will find all information on this here.