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"The purpose of the business is to create and keep a customer" (Peter Drucker). Yet how does one win and retain customers? We at the Institute of Marketing Management enthusiastically confront these and other similar questions every day. In both our research and teaching, we seek to achieve an optimal balance between academic rigor and relevance and proactively pursue exchange and collaboration with the foremost marketing experts and practitioners.

Our goal is to generate cuttinge-edge marketing knowledge of the highest standards and convey it in the lecture hall in an engaging manner.

Research in Pictures

Eichinger, Isabel, Schreier, Martin, and van Osselaer, Stijn M.J. (2022). Connecting to place, people, and past: How products make us feel grounded. Journal of Marketing, 86 (4), 1-16.



Kundenbindung: Stationär, digital, loyal

Die Kosten steigen und die Menschen werden preissensibler. Für die Händler ist es nicht zuletzt deshalb wichtig, eine funktionierende Beziehung mit den Kunden aufrechtzuerhalten oder diese…

Co-Founder and Head of Growth at XUND

XUND=Gesund: XUND’s Co-Founder on Challenges of Viennese Healthcare Scale-up

On May 19, 2023, the 5662 Personal Selling and Sales Management in the Global Context class, led by Dr. Zoran Latinovic, had the pleasure of having on-campus Mr. Lukas Seper, Co-Founder and Head of…

Eva Ascarza

Research Talk by Eva Ascarza, Harvard Business School (US)

For some time now, we had been eagerly awaiting a research talk from Eva Ascarza, the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, who finally…


Praxisfall B2B-Marketing – die Fallstudie „Wienerberger“ mit Mag. Barbara Enzinger

Schon in bewährter Weise konnten wir als Praxisreferentin in der LV Kurs 4 „Marketing Across Industries“ Frau Mag. Barbara Enzinger begrüßen, die uns spannende Einblicke in Herausforderungen im…

Picture of the course

Henkel · Excellence is our Passion

Am Montag, 24. April 2023 fanden die Abschlusspräsentationen des BA-Kurses „Product Management I – Marketing Planning“ statt. Kerninhalte dieses Kurses bilden die Markt-, Kunden- und…

Eric Schwartz

Research Talk by Eric Schwartz, University of Michigan (US)

As our latest guest for our Research Seminar Series we welcomed Eric Schwartz from the University of Michigan. He shared his recent work on A-B testing in online advertising experiments. To test user…