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"The purpose of the business is to create and keep a customer" (Peter Drucker). Yet how does one win and retain customers? We at the Institute of Marketing Management enthusiastically confront these and other similar questions every day. In both our research and teaching, we seek to achieve an optimal balance between academic rigor and relevance and proactively pursue exchange and collaboration with the foremost marketing experts and practitioners.

Our goal is to generate cuttinge-edge marketing knowledge of the highest standards and convey it in the lecture hall in an engaging manner.

Research in Pictures

Maier, L., Schreier, M., Baccarella, C., and Voigt, K-I. (2023). University knowledge inside: How and when university-industry collaborations make new products more attractive to consumers. Journal of Marketing. (Link)


Gui Liberali

Research Talk by Gui Liberali, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)

As our latest guest for our Research Seminar Series, we welcomed Gui Liberali from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He shared his recent work on improving Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs). RCTs…


HENKEL zu Gast in Kurs I - “Do you dare to make an impact?”

Am 6. November 2023 durften wir unseren langjährigen Kooperationspartner HENKEL Österreich im BA-Kurs „Product-Management I“ begrüßen. Im ersten Teil des Vormittags präsentierten 9 studentische…

Jonathan Hörnig

Guestspeaker Jonathan Hörnig (TQW): “Role for Marketing in the Arts”

Am 31. Oktober 2023 durften wir Jonathan Hörnig, Verantwortlicher für Marketing & Mediathek im Tanzquartier Wien (TQW), als Gast in unserem Vertiefungskurs „Marketing Across Industries“ zum Thema…

Patricia Neumann

Siemens Austria CEO on Technology-Driven Sales Leadership

After exactly two years, Patricia Neumann returned on October 25 to WU as a guest speaker, now serving as the CEO of Siemens Austria since May 2023, where Siemens Austria covers 25 countries of CEE…

SBWL Kick-Off

Welcome to our marketing specialization! (SBWL)

We warmly welcome the class of WS 2023/24 and look forward to spending the next two exciting semesters together!

Mario Rauch

Guest Speaker: Mario Rauch shares interesting insights from jö Bonus Club

Mario Rauch, WU graduate and now the CEO of jö Bonus Club, recently returned to his alma mater to share fascinating insights regarding customer preferences, data protection and current shopping…