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Library Card

To ac­cess and bor­row ma­ter­i­als from any of the WU lib­rar­ies, you will need a WU Stu­dent ID or a WU lib­rary card.

Stu­dents (place of res­id­ence in Aus­tria) of other uni­versit­ies and uni­versit­ies of ap­plied sciences within the EU.- stu­dent ID card
- res­id­ence re­gis­tra­tion doc­u­ment (Melde­bestäti­gung)
one-­time re­gis­tra­tion fee of € 10.0024 month from is­su­ing
Con­cur­rently en­rolled stu­dent- of­fi­cial photo IDfree of chargeas long as your en­roll­ment at WU
WU alumni- WU Alumni Club mem­ber­ship card
- res­id­ence re­gis­tra­tion doc­u­ment (Melde­bestäti­gung)
free of charge24 month from is­su­ing
Stu­dents of up­per sec­ond­ary and voca­tional sec­ond­ary schools
(Per­sons un­der the age of 18 years must provide a de­clar­a­tion of li­ab­il­ity from a par­ent or guard­ian)
- stu­dent ID
- res­id­ence re­gis­tra­tion doc­u­ment (Melde­bestäti­gung)
- de­clar­a­tion of li­ab­il­ity
free of charge24 month from is­su­ing
Per­sons (non-stu­dents) with place of res­id­ence in Aus­tria- of­fi­cial photo ID
- res­id­ence re­gis­tra­tion doc­u­ment (Melde­bestäti­gung)
- one-year lib­rary card € 15

- monthly card (valid for 4 months) € 5
12 or 4 month from is­su­ing

To ap­ply for a lib­rary card, please come to the front desk in the Cent­ral Lib­rary. The lib­rary card will be is­sued at once. Be­sides the doc­u­ments men­tioned above we also ask you to fill in and sign the mas­ter data sheet.

For fur­ther ques­tions, please send an email to entlehnun­

Loss of Lib­rary Card, Block­ing a Lib­rary Ac­count

WU stu­dents who have lost their stu­dent ID card can re­quest a du­plic­ate at the Ad­mis­sions of­fice. WU fac­ulty and staff mem­bers and WU alumni can re­quest a du­plic­ate lib­rary card free of charge at the front desk in the Cent­ral Lib­rary.

All other lib­rary pat­rons can also re­quest a du­plic­ate lib­rary card at the front desk in the Cent­ral Lib­rary. They are charged a pro­cessing fee of € 5.

In the event of loss or theft of your lib­rary card or your WU stu­dent ID, please have your lib­rary ac­count blocked im­me­di­ately. To do so, please con­tact the lib­rary desk by phone (+43-1-31336 ext. 4929) or email (entlehnun­

Log in data for the WU cata­log

The lib­rary card in­cludes lo­gin in­form­a­tion re­quired for re­quest­ing items on­line or pla­cing hold re­quests on ma­ter­i­als. Via the lib­rary cata­log you can also ex­tend the loan peri­ods books on your ac­count.

WU stu­dents

WU lo­gin: stu­dent ID num­ber (e.g. h12345678) + WU pass­word

Ex­ternal lib­rary pat­rons

Lib­rary ID no. with pre­fix “bib” (e.g. bib­123456) + your per­sonal lib­rary pass­word

Lib­rary pat­rons who re­ceived their lib­rary card prior to August 21, 2017, please add the pre­fix bib to their lib­rary ID no.

Chan­ging the pass­word

WU stu­dents

Your lib­rary pass­word is your WU pass­word which you can change via the Con­trolpanel ap­plic­a­tion.

Ex­ternal lib­rary pat­rons

You can change your lib­rary pass­word on­line. Lo­gin to change pass­word

I can’t re­mem­ber my pass­word

WU stu­dents

Please go to the IT Sup­port Center. By show­ing a valid photo ID, you will be given a new pass­word.

Ex­ternal lib­rary pat­rons

Please go to the lib­rary front desk in the Cent­ral Lib­rary. By show­ing a valid photo ID, you will be given a new pass­word.

Lib­rary Reg­u­la­tions

All cur­rent rules and reg­u­la­tions regard­ing use of the Lib­rary and bor­row­ing Lib­rary ma­ter­i­als are spe­cified in the WU Lib­rary Reg­u­la­tions.