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Library Account

In your

library account

you can
  • see all account information (past and present checkouts, requests and items placed on hold, fees, blocks and messages) at a glance.

  • renew books you have checked out online.

  • change your personal settings.

Log in data for the WU catalog

WU students

WU login: student ID number (e.g. h12345678) + WU password

External library patrons

Library ID no. with prefix “bib” (e.g. bib123456) + your personal library password

Library patrons who received their library card prior to August 21, 2017, please add the prefix bib to their library ID no.

Changing the password

WU students

Your library password is your WU password which you can change via the Controlpanel application.

External library patrons

You can change your library password online. Login to change password

I can’t remember my password

WU students

Please contact the IT Support Center. By showing a valid photo ID, you will be given a new password.

External library patrons

Please contact entlehnung@wu.ac.at.


Use the Favorites function to save items from the search results.

Items that have been saved as Favorites can

  • be organized in folders

  • be annotated with notes

  • be sent by email

  • be printed

  • be exported for reference management software

Please sign in to save items permanently. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot request several works at once using the Favorites function. Every item has to be placed on hold separately. Click on the “Favorites” symbol to add or delete an item from your Favorites.

Save search query

Sign in and carry out your search. Click on “Save query” just above the search results.

Set up an alert

Sign in and carry out your search. Click on “Save query” just above the search results and then click "Turn on notification for this query".

Export search result data

Individual data sets

Carry out the search. Choose an item on the list and click on the three dots "...". Choose your export option.

Several data sets at once

Carry out the search. Click on the “Favorites” symbol to add an item to your Favorites. Click on “Favorites” in the top right corner.

Select the items you want to export, click on the three dots "..." and choose the exporting option.

Borrowing history

For data protection reasons, the system does not save lists of media you have previously borrowed. Three months after returning the media, the item will be deleted from your borrowing history, so it’s important to save your borrowing history on a regular basis.  

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