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Account Management

You will re­ceive a user­name and an ac­count pass­word upon en­ter­ing into of­fice or start­ing your stud­ies at WU. These lo­gin data en­able you to make use of vari­ous on­line ser­vices at WU. Claims and rights to an ac­count are reg­u­lated by the Dir­ect­ive on Ac­count Man­age­ment.

The Con­trolpanel ap­plic­a­tion al­lows you to cent­rally man­age your ac­count. There you can eas­ily change or re­quest pass­word words for in­stance. WU em­ploy­ees have ad­di­tional func­tion­al­it­ies avail­able in the Con­trolpanel. Please con­sider the guidelines and cur­rent re­com­mend­a­tions for ac­count se­cur­ity at WU.

Use the Con­trolpanel to

For fur­ther ques­tions about your pass­words or re­lated top­ics, please con­tact the IT Sup­port Center, we are happy to help.

Please mind that re­ques­ted pass­words can­not be han­ded out via tele­phone. Ac­count se­cur­ity is an es­sen­tial part of our IT se­cur­ity strategy.


WU em­ploy­ees can find fur­ther in­form­a­tion on the in­tranet pages of IT-SER­VICES.

How long is my ac­count act­ive?

Can my ac­count be ex­ten­ded?

How do I get lo­gin data?

Where can I see my re-re­gis­tra­tion status?

What do I do if I have for­got­ten my ac­count pass­word?