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Fines & Liability

To help avoid overdue fines, you will be sent a reminder by email 3 days before expiration of your loan period. If the materials are still not returned on time, the first overdue notice will be sent out by email on the first business day after expiration of the loan period. The second overdue notice is sent one week later by email, and the third overdue notice one week after that by registered mail.

The fine amounts to € 0.50 per overdue item and day. The total overdue fine is calculated, charged to your account, and displayed in your library account once you return the overdue item.

If overdue fines are not paid in the time specified, or if the replacement costs for the materials and administrative costs are not paid, the matter will be placed in the hands of the university's legal representative (Finanzprokurator). The user will lose all borrowing privileges until the matter is settled.

By signing the data sheet when applying for a library card, users assume liability for the borrowed materials. In the event of loss or damage, a replacement book must be provided or the replacement costs reimbursed to the library.

Materials borrowed from the WU University Library are exclusively for the borrower's own use. They may not be passed on to third parties.

All regulations in detail can be found in the Library Regulations.

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