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Satisfaction Monitor

In order to continuously improve our project courses, we continually collect feedback from our project partners. The survey shows a consistently high level of satisfaction among external partners with the project courses.

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Further cooperations

This is what our project partners say about the collaboration

"The collaboration with the E&I Institute and the student team was absolutely professional and an enrichment for us. I'm looking forward to further exciting projects."

Helmut Vitr
Head of Sales Management Generali Versicherung AG

"What I particularly liked about the project collaboration was the high visibility through the events, the fact that you get to know new people and the commitment of the students.

Stefan Steinberger, founder
Refugees Code

"I found the students' enthusiasm for the project and the well-structured and very flexible collaboration with the institute particularly positive!" 

Christoph Reisegger, Managing Director
ikondirekt GmbH

"I really enjoyed working with the institute and the project team. The commitment of the student team was very impressive. Thank you for your support!" 

Patrick Pope, Sales & Marketing Director Extrusion Coatings
Mondi AG

"I was very impressed by the students' willingness to learn more from practice and their commitment to supporting us in a meaningful way. We got along very well. The students' suggestions for improving our processes were welcome and they were really committed to the project. Great team!"

Andra Slaats
Younited Cultures

"I was very satisfied with both the support and the preparation - better than many private-sector consulting institutions. Keep it up!"

Dr. technical Alexander K. Seewald
Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI)

"Very good communication between students and project partners. Students were very engaged and asked very productive questions. Top performance!"

Richard Knor

"I was very surprised by the quality of the team. The topics were prepared very well. The team exuded a lot of confidence, conviction and competence, even though the topic was very new."

Adolf Hengstschläger
Partner and member of the board of Bank Gutmann AG

"It's our privilege to have the support of your wonderful students!
The experience has been more than amazing, and the acumen you're developing at your university / in your program is truly incredible as we were blown away by the level of lateral thinking that was invested in the SpeedChex initiative."

Brandon Lowery
The Action Sports Agency

"As part of the “Idea Generation” course, I was able to have one of my ongoing projects examined in terms of the type of economic implementation and its market potential. I am very impressed by the uncomplicated and professional collaboration as well as the new perspective that I gained as part of the collaboration. Thank you very much."

Dr. Konrad Karner
VRVis Center for Virtual Reality and Visualization Research GmbH

"A very informative study, in-depth with insider information that only a university can get."

Dr. Wilhelm Wolff
Dr. Wolff Medicosmetics® GmbH

"Collaboration with E&I, especially in the early phases of exploring new business ideas, makes an important contribution to the innovation assessment for a competence center like EC3. We use the feedback profitably, especially with regard to formulating our innovation ideas towards concrete business models and, closely related to this, the search for suitable innovation partners for subsequent project implementation."

Dr. Karl Fröschl
ec3 - Electronic Commerce Competence Center

"The FK Austria Vienna would like to thank the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Prof. Franke, for the collaboration. Excellent ideas were generated in terms of both content and quality, which shine through their practical relevance and feasibility. The collaboration was a complete success and can be recommended to anyone who needs food for thought for possible changes in their concepts." 

Mag. Thomas Schwarz
FK Austria Magna Vienna