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WU Chatbot

The WU chatbot, called Scio, automatically answers questions from (prospective) students around the clock.

Scio is still a prototype in an early test phase and is constantly being improved!

Currently, Scio can already help you with the following topics:

  • Login troubles, i.e.:

    • "I forgot my password"

    • "I can't log into Teams"

  • Bachelor selection procedure, i.e.:

    • "Until when can I apply for the bachelor admission?"

    • "what is the self-assessment?"

  • Library topics, i.e.:

    • "How many books can I borrow?"

    • "Can I use my student ID as my library card?"

The WU chatbot is already available on a couple of pages. You can find Scio there at the bottom right of the page, check it out!

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