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Interactive Campus Map

The interactive campus map “Campus” lets you search for spatial information, such as the location of lecture halls, offices of employees, front offices of academic and administrative organizations or points of interest (POI). In addition, you can also check for routes between two search results.

Main Functions

You can find “Campus” at and use the following functions:

  • Search
    The search field can be used to search for employee names, organizational units, rooms as well as POIs (e.g.: entrances, parking lots, self-service terminals, cafés & restaurants, shops, etc.) registered in the system. After selecting a search result, it is displayed in the map.

  • Routing
    Via the routing function, the optimal path between two points can be displayed. First, search for the desired starting point of the route and then select "Route from here" in the pop-up of the search result. Then search for the desired destination and select "Route to here". The route is then displayed in the map. If you have entered an employee as the target, the front office of the corresponding organizational unit is automatically selected as an intermediate point.

  • Share a link to a search result or route
    Each search result is provided with a URL which can be pasted into an email or web page to serve as a direct link. Click on the option "Share link" in the pop-up of the search result and then copy the link directly from the window. The link to a route can be found via the option "Share route" below the route table on the left side. Likewise, links to POIs or POI-categories could be created via the option "Share".

  • Embedding into a website
    Parts from "Campus" can also directly be embedded into your website as an iFrame. Use the link for a search result (see above) in order to indicate e.g. the front office of your organization. In addition, you can change the map section, the plane, and the zoom factor. Afterwards, the generated link to this map section and view can be obtained via the button "Share Map" on the top left edge of the map. Moreover, additional parameters can be controlled via the URL:

    • Zoom level
      The maximum zoom level is 22. With unique search terms, zoom level 18 is automatically used. You can set a different zoom level by using the addition "zlevel=zoom level". For example:
    • Header
      The header can be suppressed by the parameter "hide-top=true". For example:
    • Footer
      The footer can be hidden by the parameter "hide-footer=true". For example:
    • Menu panel on the left
      The left menu can be suppressed by the parameter "hide-left=true". For example:
    • Combining parameters
      In order to hide footer, header and left menu at the same time, the parameters can be combined by using the "&" symbol. For example:
    • Mobile version
      The "Campus" webpage is designed with RWD (responsive web design), i.e. it automatically adopts its layout to the screen size.

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