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IT-SER­VICES runs a Help­desk Sys­tem (ht­tps://, which you can ac­cess on­line in case of gen­eral ques­tions, er­ror mes­sages and help in­quir­ies. The Help­desk in­ter­face provides a range of cat­egor­ies which you can choose from in order to make your in­quiry. This al­lows us to for­ward your in­quiry dir­ectly to the de­part­ment in charge.

You can also reach us by tele­phone via the IT-Hot­line (01-31-336-3000).

Ad­di­tion­ally, you can con­tact us by the fol­low­ing email ad­dresses.

Email Con­tactDes­ig­nated Use
hot­ Gen­eral ques­tions con­cern­ing IT ser­vices at WU Cam­pus.
av-sup­ For ques­tions regard­ing au­di­o-visual me­dia tech­no­logy in teach­ing rooms and for or dur­ing events (e.g. equip­ment, setup of ad­di­tional devices as well as ap­point­ments for on-s­ite in­spec­tions).
con­ or video­con­fer­en­­tions con­cern­ing WU's video­con­fer­en­cing sys­tem.
di­git­alsig­ Tech­nical sup­port with in­foscreens on cam­pus ("Cam­pus­info").
it-se­cur­ Re­port­ing IT-se­cur­ity in­cid­ents. Ques­tions about avail­able broad­casts or re­quests for ad­ding spe­cific broad­cast sta­tions to the pro­gram port­fo­lio.
rent-a-­note­ In­quir­ies about the avail­ab­il­ity of laptops for rent from IT Sup­port Center.
sur­ Sup­port for cre­at­ing and con­duct­ing sur­veys with the open source tool "Lime Sur­vey".
tele­ Rais­ing re­quests about WU's tele­phone ser­vices (work­place tele­phones and em­ployee cell phones, etc.). Re­port­ing the in­stall­a­tion or changes of phone ex­ten­sions.
video­ In­quires con­cern­ing bor­row­ing present­a­tion me­dia and present­a­tion me­dia re­ser­va­tions (e.g. laptop com­puters, pro­ject­ors, DVD drives, etc.)
web­mas­ter­ Tech­nical ques­tions and is­sues con­cern­ing WU's CMS (Ty­po3). Re­quests and feed­back con­cern­ing the con­tents of WU's web pages.
  • Re­cord­ing of events at WU (e.g. events, con­fer­ences, panel dis­cus­sions, etc.).
  • Cre­ation and pub­lic­a­tion of ed­ited video clips.