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IT-SERVICES runs a ticket system to assist you with support requests. At you can submit your questions directly to IT support. Please select one of the provided forms that suits your inquiry best so that our staff can answer it as quickly as possible.

You can also reach us by telephone via the IT-Hotline (01-31-336-3000).

Additionally, you can contact us by the following email addresses.

Email ContactDesignated Use concerning IT services at WU Campus, in particular reporting incidents and shortcomings or deficiencies regarding IT and information security (cf. obligation to report). questions regarding audio-visual media technology in teaching rooms and for or during events (e.g. equipment, setup of additional devices as well as appointments for on-site inspections). unusual emails that you receive on your WU address(es).
Please attach the suspicious messages to your report to us, so that we can investigate them more closely. concerning borrowing presentation media and presentation media reservations (e.g. laptop computers, projectors, DVD drives, etc.) for creating and conducting surveys with the open source tool "Lime Survey". requests about WU's telephone services (workplace telephones and employee cell phones, etc.).
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