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Student Honors

Best Bach­elor Thesis Award

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  • Martin Beno. Open Data Hopes and Fears, De­termin­ing the bar­ri­ers of Open Data

  • Matej Puchovsky. Us­ing Pro­cess Min­ing Tech­niques To Ana­lyse Pro­cesses in IT Or­gan­isa­tions – A Case Study

Stephan Koren Preis 2016

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Fa­bian PIT­TKE. Lin­guistic Re­fact­or­ing of Busi­ness Pro­cess Mod­els

Best Sem­inar Pa­per Award Sum­mer 2016

  • Har­ald Bernhard. What steps have to be done to im­ple­ment a fully func­tional pla­gi­ar­ism checker in Java?

  • Martin Co­hen. De­ploy­ing fuzzy lo­gic to­wards threshold identic­a­tion for ob­ject-ori­ented soft­ware met­ric

Best Present­a­tion Award

We con­grat­u­late Mi­chael Hanser, Clau­dio Di Cic­cio and Jan Mend­ling

for win­ning the Best Present­a­tion Award for the pa­per A Novel Frame­work for Visu­al­iz­ing De­clar­at­ive Pro­cess Mod­els

at the ZEUS work­shop 2016, where Mi­chael presen­ted res­ults of his Bach­elor thesis.­

Best Sem­inar Pa­per Award Sum­mer 2015

  • Ur­sula Anna Firnham­mer. Which con­cepts of un­learn­ing in or­gan­iz­a­tions oc­cured in the last five years

Best Sem­inar Pa­per Award Win­ter 2014/15

Winners of Best Seminar Paper Award Winter 2014/2015
  • Leti­tia Kernschmidt. Di­min­ish­ing dis­trac­tion pro­cessing – Pro­pos­i­tions for en­han­cing busi­ness pro­cess model com­pre­hen­sion

  • Florian Wink­ler. ACID, BASE and CAP in NoSQL Data­bases

  • Lukas Schönbauer. Or­gan­iz­a­tional Ex­per­i­ence. Di­men­sions and Im­pact on Or­gan­iz­a­tional Learn­ing