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Moritz Hörl, MA

Moritz Hörl

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Contact details

Phone: +43 (1) 31 336 - 4227
E-Mail: moritz.hoerl@wu.ac.at

Personal details

Moritz Hörl has been employed as a pre-doc since February 2024 as part of the MOBILITY-PATH project ("Multidimensional Intergenerational Mobility and Pathways to Upward Mobility") at INEQ. As part of his dissertation, Moritz plans to further examine the causal determinants of intergenerational mobility using various microeconometric methods. He also explores topics such as income inequality, quantitative measurement of social mobility, and recent advancements in the field of causal inference. Previously, Moritz studied Economics and Philosophy at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

  • Causal inference methods in economics

  • Intergenerational mobility

  • Philosophy of Economics

Ongoing projects