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Anna-Magdalena Schwarz, PhD

Portrait Anna-Magdalena Schwarz

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Contact details

E-Mail: schwarza@ceu.edu

Personal details

Anna Schwarz is a PostDoctoral Researcher at the Central European University. She completed her PhD at the Vienna University of Economic & Business in 2023. Her research areas are Labor economics, Inequality, and Public Economics. She works with administrative data, but also large-scale international surveys and applies microeconometric methods, as well as experimental methods to answer her research questions. At INEQ, she is currently working on the project "MOBILITY-PATH: Multidimensional Intergenerational Mobility and Pathways to Upward Mobility," funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund.

    Main research interests
    • Labour market

    • Experimental Methods

    Current projects

    Working Paper/Preprint

    2023 Schwarz, Anna-Magdalena, Warum, Philipp. 2023. Don't stop believin'. Read more