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Working Paper Series #22

Asset Bias in Household Needs Measurement (Severin Rapp)

"WU matters. WU talks.": Corona and women

On may 12th 2021 Katharina Mader discuessed on "WU matters. WU talks." the effects of the corona crisis on women.

Alyssa Schneebaum: Winner of the "WU Excellent Teaching Award" 2021

Alyssa Schneebaum was awarded the "WU Excellent Teaching Award" 2021 by her students. We congratulate warmly!

Working Paper Series #21

Home, sweet home? The impact of working from home on the division of unpaid work during the COVID-19 lockdown (Judith Derndorfer, Franziska Disslbacher, Vanessa Lechinger, Katharina Mader, Eva Six)

INEQ Project Briefs 2021|01 & 2021|02

We present you the next two INEQ Project Briefs: > Project Brief 2021|01 "New" atypical Employment: Vienna > Project Brief 2021|02 "New" atypical Employment: Design Policy

The economy in (Corona-)crisis

On March 24th 2021 our co-head of institute Karin Heitzmann presents the next "WU matter. WU talks."-Event on "The economy in (Corona-)crisis" with guest Christoph Badelt at WU.

New online appearence of INEQ

We are happy to present a new and updated version of INEQ's website. Have fun exploring our research!

Armon Rezai is Researcher of the Month!

Armon Rezai was awarded the "WU researcher of the Month Award" in January 2021. In his work he looks closely at th taxation of carbon emissions and its effects on distributional inequalities.

Working Paper Series #20

On Top of the Top - Adjusting wealth distributions using national rich lists (Franziska Disslbacher, Michael Ertl, Emanuel List, Patrick Mokre and Matthias Schnetzer)

INEQ Project Briefs 2020|05 & 2020|06

We present you the next two INEQ Project Briefs: > Project Brief 2020|05 Middle Class > Project Brief 2020|06 Heating Types