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Welcome to the Institute for International Marketing Management (IMM). Members of IMM are intent on maintaining strict academic standards in all our activities without sacrificing practical relevance. Our mission is based on the following three pillars:

1.     Research

Our Institute focuses on creating and sharing knowledge in the field of International Marketing Management. To this end, we strive to generate high quality research and publish our research outcomes in highly respected journals read by leading scholars and senior executives.

2.     International Agenda

IMM's research and teaching activities aim to promote the spirit of internationalization. Our educational approaches highlight issues in international marketing, such as cultural differences and cross-national practices.  In this respect, students should expect to benefit from our faculty’s international expertise, as well as to encounter renowned guest professors from overseas universities.

3.     Corporate Involvement

We aim to collaborate with industry and commerce through joint projects and the involvement of managers as guest speakers.

Faculty Members

Univ. Prof. Dr. Marius Luedicke

Univ. Prof. Dr. Marius Luedicke

Head of the Institute

ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr.phil. Elfriede Penz

ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr.phil. Elfriede Penz

Deputy Head of the Institute

ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr.rer.soc.oec. Barbara Stöttinger

ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr.rer.soc.oec. Barbara Stöttinger

Dean WU Executive Academy, Associate Professor IMM

News from IMM

Closing One Chapter, Unveiling the Next!


Letter from Prof. Bodo Schlegelmilch:

It is official – I am about to embark on my journey into the glorious world of Professor Emeritus at WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business). These are the people who are always around and no one knows why. But do not worry, I am not leaving you high and dry! My esteemed successor, Professor Marius K. Luedicke is stepping into the ring to lead the Institute of International Marketing and Management. Marius joined the WU from Bayes Business School in London (formerly Cass), and he is like the Sherlock Holmes of cultural brand strategy, exploring the intricate depths of contemporary consumer culture. He has produced some truly sophisticated research papers. Just take a peek at his Google Scholar profile (‪Dr. Marius K. Luedicke - ‪Google Scholar).‪ I could not be more pleased to pass the torch on to such a competent and charming successor. Marius, my friend, may success and happiness shower upon you like the applause following a cello concert.

But wait, there is more! Come the end of September, I pass on the Chair of the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association to none other than Professor Wendy Loretto, the distinguished Dean of The University of Edinburgh Business School. This is particularly special for me, as my academic journey began at the University of Edinburgh. I have also heard unverified rumors that Wendy might have attended one of my (rather large) marketing courses in her student days. Regardless, Wendy is now a rockstar professor in organizational behavior and a seasoned business school dean. On top of it all, her warm personality could thaw even the coldest heart. I have every confidence that she will continue to guide AMBA and BGA to even greater heights. Wendy, I am sending you all the positive vibes in the world for this exciting adventure.

As for myself, it seems that retirement from a job that is also my hobby is a bit like sailing without wind - impossible! I will still maintain an office at WU Vienna, and embark on a new role as Bualuang ASEAN Chair Professor at Thammasat University in Thailand. Between working on a few papers and editing a special issue on Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Management Education, I will keep myself occupied with visiting professorships at exotic places like The University of the South Pacific in Fiji and the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, as well as research presentations, university advisory boards, such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Antai College of Economics and Management), conferences, and some accreditation peer review visits. In theory, this should keep me (mostly) out of mischief. Upcoming trips to China, Colombia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, Samoa, and Scotland promise to make being a Professor Emeritus an engaging journey. My grand plan? Following the sun and spending the summers in Europe and winters in Asia.