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Welcome to the Institute for International Marketing Management (IMM). Members of IMM are intent on maintaining strict academic standards in all our activities without sacrificing practical relevance. Our mission is based on the following three pillars:

1.     Research

Our Institute focuses on creating and sharing knowledge in the field of International Marketing Management. To this end, we strive to generate high quality research and publish our research outcomes in highly respected journals read by leading scholars and senior executives.

2.     International Agenda

IMM's research and teaching activities aim to promote the spirit of internationalization. Our educational approaches highlight issues in international marketing, such as cultural differences and cross-national practices.  In this respect, students should expect to benefit from our faculty’s international expertise, as well as to encounter renowned guest professors from overseas universities.

3.     Corporate Involvement

We aim to collaborate with industry and commerce through joint projects and the involvement of managers as guest speakers.

Faculty Members

Univ. Prof. Dr. Marius Luedicke

Univ. Prof. Dr. Marius Luedicke

Head of the Institute

ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr.phil. Elfriede Penz

ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr.phil. Elfriede Penz

Deputy Head of the Institute

ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr.rer.soc.oec. Barbara Stöttinger

ao.Univ.Prof. Mag.Dr.rer.soc.oec. Barbara Stöttinger

Dean WU Executive Academy, Associate Professor IMM

News from IMM

Act Local, Go Global SS 2023


The final seminar in the specialization of International Marketing Management (IMM) is called "Global Business Planning”. This seminar, which was held during the Summer Semester 2023, was organized by Dr. Elfriede Penz and Matthias Heilbrunner. Assisting in the organization was Ms. Sophia Paccagnella, who served as a Tutor supporting students in the seminar. The main purpose of this seminar was to use market entry theory to develop effective strategies for entering new markets. Additionally, the seminar aimed to carefully evaluate decisions and marketing strategies. As a result, business plans were created for Austrian startups, along with internationalization strategies that are now ready to be implemented. The IMM students specifically focused on identifying a product, service, or brand and devising strategies to introduce them into foreign markets.

Here is a short overview of the projects:

  • Saturo is an Austrian Start Up, founded it 2017, that provides meal supplements, selling nutrition balanced shakes, shake powders and bars. SATURO's mission is to increase accessibility to practical and healthy complete nutrition for a larger population, while ensuring fair pricing. The Team “Cash Cows” (Cakic Jana, Gangl Charlene, Jaro Hala, Miklósy Kata, Rexroth Maximilian, Sheehan Rachel Edwin) prepared a market entry strategy for the Czech market.

  • HelloBello is a Vienna based start-up, that provides fresh, nutritious and cooked food for dogs. With their meals the company provides dogs with the nutrition that best supports their long-term health and well-being. The Team “Chameleons” (Natália Pavlovská, Sarah Mähr, Anna Yefymenko, Felix Genner, Máté Bóka, Benjamin Freitag) prepared a market entry strategy for the Italian market.

  • Schalk Mühle is a styrian company, founded in 1859 that provides organic products like oils, pesto, nut and seed mixes, protein powder and protein bar. The products sold by the company contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint and emissions by focusing on a cultivation and growth that leaves a very small CO2 footprint. The Team “The new Kids on the Block”, (Nikolaus Roschitz, Ekaterina Petrova, Felix Woda, Anna Kovacs, Mona Wolf, Linda Friedwagne) prepared a market entry strategy for the Swedish market.

  • Koni is a viennese family business, founded by Maria and Leszek Konieczka, that sells unique and delicate jewelry to its customers. The products sold by the company are original, handmade and of high quality making the experience for the customers unique. The “Dream Team”, (Bergner, Lissa, Handl, Julian, Klempirz, Lena, Obradovic, Natasa, Simonics, Lili Nóra) prepared a marketing entry strategy for the Swedish market.

  • Gs'hund has the mission to sustainably transform the pet food industry. Their vision is to revolutionize the pet food industry by providing sustainable and nutrient-rich alternatives to traditional protein sources. The Team “Market Sharks”, (Engelhart Lorenz Moritz Daniel, Hollaus Timon Peter, Kieber Lisa-Marie, Kollarz Lisa, Mladenova Vera), prepared a market entry strategy for Italy.

  • Revodent is an Austrian company, founded by Franz Rathkolb, providing products for dental care. They cooperate with the University of Vienna in which they continuously test and improve their natural products. “The Global Marketeers” (Deix Benedikt, Doliner Anna, Hofmann Moritz Stanislaus, Kattner Rafaela) planned a market entry strategy to France.

  • Ketofabrik is a young Austrian startup that provides healthy and sugarfree products. Their mission is to facilitate a balanced diet that is particularly low in sugar. To do this, we develop low-sugar products that impress above all with their taste. The “Young Marketeers” (Amhof Helena, Andreeva Zhaklin, Bono Emil Eugenio, Mayer Felix Zorman, Daniel Matteo) planned a market entry to Sweden.