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Univ. Prof. Dr. Ingolfur Blühdorn

Institute Head

Research interests: social change, sustainability, social movements, emancipatory politics, social and democratic theory

Ass.Prof. Dr. Mag. Daniel Hausknost

Deputy of Institute Head

Research interests: democracy and sustainability; societal transformations, theories of the state, political and social movements

Contact: daniel.hausknost@wu.ac.at

Dr. Mag. Felix Butzlaff

Research interests: democratic research, actual and historical development of societies; parties, and party systems, citizen demonstrations.

Contact: felix.butzlaff@wu.ac.at 

Mag. Mirijam Mock

Research interests: social practice theory, sharing economy, sustainable consumption, theories of modern societies

Contact: mirijam.mock@wu.ac.at

Hauke Dannemann, MSc

Research interests: environmental sociology and politics, critical social theory, socio-ecological transformation, emancipation and far-right social movements

Contact: hauke.dannemann@wu.ac.at

Karoline Kalke, MSc

Research interests: political sociology, subject theory, autonomy, emancipation, digitization, socio-ecological transformation.

Contact: karoline.kalke@wu.ac.at


Georg Diezi, MSc

Research interests: social and democratic theory, sociological systems theory, theories of the state, democracy and sustainability, political sociology

Kontakt: georg.diezi@wu.ac.at

Montserrat Ruiz-Ortigosa

Front office

Contact: montserrat.ruiz.ortigosa@wu.ac.at

Former Employees

Michael Deflorian, MA

Research interests: Lifestyle Movements, Prefigurative Politics, Sustainable Consumption, Post-Growth Societies, Theories of Modern Society

Dr. Mag. Margaret Haderer, MA

Research interests: social transformation(s), urban space, political ideologies, local politics, political theory, social theory, spatial theory

Master’s program Socioeconomics

Katharina Wick

Dr. Katharina Wick

Coordinator of the Master’s Programme in Socioeconomics

Contact: mastersozoek@wu.ac.at

Foto_Deniz Akartuna
Deniz Akartuna, BA


Contact: deniz.akartuna@wu.ac.at

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Zoë Maria Großbötzl, BA

Study Assistant

Kontakt: zoe.maria.grossboetzl@wu.ac.at

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Andreas Zöchling-Schlemmer, BA

Tutor of "Planung und Durchführung empirischer Studien 1"

Contact: andreas.zoechling-schlemmer@wu.ac.at