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The De­part­ment of Fin­ance, Ac­count­ing and Stat­ist­ics of­fers courses in the fol­low­ing pro­grams:

Ex­ec­ut­ive Edu­ca­tion at the Highest In­ter­na­tional Level - WU Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy

The WU Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy, the busi­ness school of the Vi­enna Uni­versity of Eco­nom­ics and Busi­ness (WU), Europe's largest busi­ness uni­versity, brings more than 100 years of ex­per­i­ence and an ex­cel­lent repu­ta­tion to the field of ex­ec­ut­ive edu­ca­tion. Thus it belongs to the lead­ing busi­ness uni­versit­ies world­wide. The ex­ec­ut­ive edu­ca­tion port­fo­lio of the WU Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy in­cludes MBA and Mas­ter of Laws pro­grams, uni­versity cer­ti­fic­ate pro­grams, cor­por­ate pro­grams and open pro­grams. In re­cent years, it has be­come one of the lead­ing pro­viders in Cent­ral and Eastern Europe. Mem­bers of the In­sti­tute are in­volved in the fol­low­ing pro­grams of the Ex­ec­ut­ive Academy: