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Writing your bachelor thesis in E&I

We welcome students who want to write a bachelor thesis at our institute.

At E&I, you write your thesis in close cooperation with your supervisor - you will be supported by us from the identification of topics to the conception of your thesis.

This page provides a helpful overview of


Ideally, you already have a general idea about what you would like to cover in your thesis. Feel free to look through the overview of possible topics to see if something strikes your interest.

But even if you are not sure about what you’d like to work on, you should contact a potential thesis supervisor at the institute, and we can work on a topic together. The best way is to write an email. If you already have a fairly good idea of what you want to write about, describe it in a few sentences. There is no need to submit a proposal at this stage of the process.

If a potential supervisor does not have the time to work with you, he or she will gladly forward your request to a colleague. We do our best to give any student interested in writing their bachelor’s thesis in E&I every opportunity to do so.

Once you have contacted a potential supervisor, he or she will schedule an initial meeting at the institute to talk about and narrow down your topic. This first meeting is a chance for you and a potential supervisor to decide whether you are a good fit and would like to work together. 

The next stage is the bachelor thesis proposal. Students draft a brief proposal that defines the topic they plan to address and the approach as well as the scope of the thesis. You will be asked to explain what the thesis will be about, the goals you are pursuing with your work and the approach and methods you plan to use (around 5 to 7 pages). The proposal is an important part of your bachelor thesis since it serves as a guideline in the further process. 

We strongly recommend that you use a citation software for your bachelor’s thesis, like Citavi, EndNote, Zotero.

Once you and your thesis supervisor have approved on your proposal, your topic is registered on Learn@WU and you have three months to complete your thesis with support from your supervisor.

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