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Program portfolio and career prospects


WU's academic programs are characterized by the diversity and quality of the program portfolio, internationality, and close ties to the business community.

Bachelor’s programs

The German-taught Bachelor’s Program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences (also known by its German acronym, WiSo) offers a range of diverse perspectives on business and economics. After a multidisciplinary first year, students get to choose one of five majors: Business Administration, International Business Administration, Economics, Information Systems, or Economy, Environment, Politics. Specializations and complementary subjects allow students to define their individual focus. As final step in their degree program, students independently write abachelor’s thesison a topic of their choice. After successful completion of the bachelor’s program, students are awarded the academic degree of Bachelor of Science (WU), abbreviated as BSc (WU).

In the German-taught Bachelor’s Program in Business Law, students receive an internationally oriented legal education, where they benefit from WU’s business expertise. The degree program starts with a concise overview of the legal, economic, and business-related contents that will be addressed. In addition to a legal education that covers all areas of the law, students also acquire valuable business expertise. Upon successful completion of the bachelor’s program, students are awarded the academic degree of Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. (WU). With this bachelor’s degree, graduates can immediately start a career, for example in tax and management consulting or in a human resources or legal department of a large company. Students who go on to complete the Master’s Program in Business Law are qualified to enter the traditional legal professions (judge, attorney, notary public).

The English-taught Bachelor’s Program in Business and Economics (BBE) offers a broad-based business and economics education with an international perspective. After acquiring a solid basic understanding of business and economics, including also social science and legal perspectives, students get to apply what they have learned in practice by taking part in various projects. The program addresses economic challenges, social developments, and future trends, puts them in a global context, and teaches students the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with them. Students develop a solid understanding of international economic developments and learn how to play an active part in shaping them. A wide range of specializations and free electives allow students to develop a strong individual profile. After successful completion of this bachelor’s program, students earn the academic degree of Bachelor of Science (WU), abbreviated as BSc (WU).

Master’s programs

WU offers 16 master’s programs that allow holders of a bachelor’s degree to deepen and expand their education:

German-taught programs

English-taught programs

Doctoral/PhD programs
MBA programs

The WU Executive Academy bundles WU’s program portfolio in the area of executive education. This includes executive MBA and MBA programs. Today, the WU Executive Academy is one of the leading providers of continuing education in Europe.

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