Studierende stehen vor dem LC und blicken lächelnd einer Kollegin mit einer Mappe in der Hand nach.

Mercuriales (Bünyamin Nurtas)

Wouldn't your student life at WU be easier if you could find everything you need in one app? That's exactly what we want to do. In short: Be it exam or lecture information, your grades or opportunities to connect with others. You will have everything at WAPP.

  • Problembeschreibung: University life at WU is not always easy. The available information regarding lectures, exams and all other aspects of campus life is huge. The way information is listed is intransparent and the process of getting to it very complicated and frustrating. Sharing experiences among students can help but especially as a freshman it is hard to make new friends and to escape from “anonymity“.

  • Lösungsansatz: We want to tackle this problem with a convenient App, where all important information will be included. The interactive map of the campus offers a social platform for WU students. Students can connect to each other, fulfill daily tasks, like exchanging items and create study groups. They will benefit from the feeling of belonging together and getting transparent information without wasting hours.


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