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FSC with Paul Tang, April 11 2022


FSC with Vanessa Rahal Canado, February 15, 2022

Video FSC Owens Rahal Canado.mp4

FSC Owens Rahal Canado.mp4

FSC with Mick Moore, 14 September 2021

Video FSC with Mick Moore.mp4

FSC with Mick Moore.mp4

FSC with Richard Bolwijn and Michael Lennard, 17 June 2021

Video FSC Richard Bolwijn and Michael Lennard.mp4

FSC Richard Bolwijn and Michael…

FSC with Chip Harter, 19 February 2021

Video FSC Chip Harter.mp4

FSC Chip Harter.mp4

FSC with Mick Keen, IMF, 13 January 2021

Video GMT20210113-133133_Fireside-C_gallery_1280x1024.mp4


If you are interested in the book mentioned in the Fireside Chat above, follow this link.

FSC Ine Lejeune and Karl-Heinz Haydl, November 19, 2020

Video Fireside Chat with Jeffrey Owens 19.11.2020

Fireside Chat with Jeffrey Owens…