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Dr. Thomas Reut­terer is Professor of Marke­ting at the Vienna Univer­sity of Econo­mics and Busi­ness (WU Vienna). He is Head of WU's Insti­tute for Service Marke­ting and Tourism and served as foun­ding Academic Director of WU's Master's Program (MSc) in Marke­ting. His rese­arch, teaching and busi­ness consul­ting inte­rests are focused on retail and service marke­ting, cust­omer value manage­ment, and marke­ting models for cust­o­m­er-­base analysis and deci­sion support. Thomas Reut­terer's current rese­arch projects include the study of cros­s-­ca­te­gory purchase effects, dyna­mics in evol­ving cust­o­m­er-­firm rela­ti­ons­hips, models for cust­omer valua­tion, and targeted promo­tions.

His rese­arch has been published in top scho­larly jour­nals inclu­ding the Journal of Marke­ting, Marke­ting Science, the Euro­pean Journal of Opera­tional Rese­arch (EJOR), Compu­ters & Opera­tions Rese­arch, the Journal of Inter­ac­tive Marke­ting, and the Journal of Busi­ness Rese­arch.

Professor Reut­terer received his doctoral and habi­li­ta­tion degree ('venia docendi') from WU, where he was Asso­ciate Professor at the Insti­tute for Retailing & Marke­ting. Prior to joining the Insti­tute for Service Marke­ting and Tourism he held visiting and substi­tute profes­s­o­rial posi­tions at univer­si­ties in St. Gallen, Bangkok, Wollon­gong, Frank­furt/Main, Munich, and Syndney. He also worked as a full-­time consul­tant with Simon-Ku­cher & Part­ners, Marke­ting & Stra­tegy Consul­tants. This and other prior busi­ness expe­ri­ences give his rese­arch and teaching activi­ties a strong focus on issues of mana­ge­rial rele­vance.

Thomas Reut­terer serves as a reviewer for numerous pres­ti­gious academic jour­nals and is co-e­ditor of the WU-based Mana­ge­rial Review Quar­terly (MRQ; formerly: Journal für Betriebs­wirt­schaft). His rese­arch and teaching has been awarded several prizes. Among others, he was a member of the fina­lists' teams for the "INFORMS Society of Marke­ting Science Prac­tice Prize", which is awarded for outstan­ding imple­men­ta­tions of marke­ting science concepts and methods.


Professor Reut­terer has acquired teaching expe­ri­ence in both German and English language and covers subjects such as Marke­ting Manag­ment, Marke­ting Rese­arch Methods, Retail and Service Marke­ting, or Cust­omer Value Manage­ment. He teaches rather diverse target audi­ences inclu­ding classes at the Under­gra­duate, Graduate, PhD level, and Execu­tives. Thomas Reut­terer is also an ITP Alumni, a facul­ty­-­de­ve­lop­ment programme arranged by the Inter­na­tional Schools of Busi­ness Manage­ment (ISBM), and parti­ci­pated in the Global Collo­quium on Parti­ci­pan­t-­Cen­tered Learning (GloColl) at Harvard Busi­ness School. 

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Rese­arch in Progress / Working Papers

  • Profi­ta­bi­lity Dyna­mics in Evol­ving Firm-­Cust­omer Rela­ti­ons­hips, with Sylvia Früh­w­ir­t­h-­Schnatter and Stefan Pittner (work in progress).

  • Incor­po­ra­ting Regu­la­rity in Stochastic Repea­t-Buying Models, with Michael Platzer (working paper avail­able upon request).

  • Spil­l-O­ver­-Ef­fects in Produc­t-­Ser­vice­-­Con­sump­tion Systems, with Arne Floh, Monika Koller, and Alex­ander Zauner (work in progress).

  • Optimal Incen­ti­vi­zing to Foster Cros­s-­Sel­ling in Verti­cally Inte­grated Firms, with Ulrich Berger (work in progress).

Selected Publi­ca­tions

  • Ticking Away the Moments: Timing Regu­la­rity Helps to Better Predict Cust­omer Activitiy, by Michael Platzer and Thomas Reut­terer. Marke­ting Science, 35 (5), 779-799, 2016. PDF Article Video Clip

  • A Data Mining Frame­work for Targeted Cate­gory Promo­tions, by Thomas Reut­terer, Kurt Hornik, Nicolas March and Kathrin Gruber. Journal of Busi­ness Econo­mics (forth­co­ming). Open Access Article

  • How to derive consensus among various marke­ting journal rankings?, by Stefan Theußl, Thomas Reut­terer and Kurt Hornik, Journal of Busi­ness Rese­arch, 67 (5), 998-1006, 2014. Abstract

  • GIS-­Based Marke­ting Deci­sions – Effects of Alter­na­tive Data Visua­liza­t­ions on Deci­sion Quality, by Ana-­Ma­rija Ozimec, Martin Natter and Thomas Reut­terer. Journal of Marke­ting, 74 (November), 94-110, 2010. Abstract

  • A Combined Approach for Segmen­t-­Spe­cific Analysis of Market Basket Data, by Yasemin Boztug and Thomas Reut­terer. Euro­pean Journal of  Opera­tional Rese­arch (EJOR), 187 (1), 294-312, 2008. PDF Article

  • An Assortm­ent­wide Deci­si­on-­Sup­port System for Dynamic Pricing and Promo­tion Plan­ning in DIY Retailing, by Martin Natter, Thomas Reut­terer, Andreas Mild and Alfred Taudes. Marke­ting Science, 26 (4), 576-583, 2007. PDF Article

  • Data Mining und Marke­ting am Beispiel der explo­ra­tiven Waren­kor­bana­lyse, von Thomas Reut­terer, Michael Hahsler und Kurt Hornik. Marke­ting - Zeit­schrift für Forschung und Praxis (ZFP), 29 (3), 163-179, 2007. PDF Article

  • A Dynamic Segmen­ta­tion Approach for Targe­ting and Cust­o­mi­zing Direct Marke­ting Campaigns, by Thomas Reut­terer, Andreas Mild, Martin Natter and Alfred Taudes. Journal of Inter­ac­tive Marke­ting, 20 (3/4), 43-57, 2006. PDF Article

  • A Review of Methods for Measu­ring Willing­nes­s-­to-Pay, by Chris­toph Brei­dert, Michael Hahsler and Thomas Reut­terer. Inno­va­tive Marke­ting, 2 (4), 8-32. PDF Article

  • An improved colla­bo­ra­tive filte­ring approach for predic­ting cros­s-­ca­te­gory purchases based on binary market basket data, by Andreas Mild and Thomas Reut­terer. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 10 (3), 123-133, 2003. PDF Article

  • Segmen­ta­ti­on-­based compe­ti­tive analysis with MULTI­CLUS and topo­logy repre­sen­ting networks, by Thomas Reut­terer and Martin Natter. Compu­ters & Opera­tions Rese­arch, 27, 1227-1247, 2000. PDF Article (neural network learning)

  • A Nonpa­ra­metric Approach to Percep­ti­ons­-­Based Market Segmen­ta­tion: Appli­ca­tions, by Chris­tian Buchta, Sara Dolnicar and Thomas Reut­terer. Wien, New York: Springer, 2000. Inter­di­sci­pli­nary Studies in Econo­mics and Manage­ment. ISBN 3-211-83474-5 [more details] 

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