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Dr. Thomas Reutterer is Professor of Marketing at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna). He is head of WU's Institute for Service Marketing and Tourism and served as founding Academic Director of WU's Master's Program (MSc) in Marketing. His research, teaching and business consulting interests are focused on retail and service marketing, customer value management, and marketing models for customer-base analysis and decision support. Thomas Reutterer's current research projects include the study of cross-category purchase effects, dynamics in evolving customer-firm relationships, models for customer valuation, and targeted promotions.

His research has been published in top scholarly journals including the Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, the European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR), Computers & Operations Research, the Journal of Interactive Marketing, and the Journal of Business Research.

Professor Reutterer received his doctoral and habilitation degree ('venia docendi') from WU, where he was Associate Professor at the Institute for Retailing & Marketing. Prior to joining the Institute for Service Marketing and Tourism he held visiting and substitute professorial positions at universities in St. Gallen, Bangkok, Wollongong, Frankfurt/Main, Munich, and Syndney. He also worked as a full-time consultant with Simon-Kucher & Partners, Marketing & Strategy Consultants. This and other prior business experiences give his research and teaching activities a strong focus on issues of managerial relevance.

Thomas Reutterer serves as a reviewer for numerous prestigious academic journals and was a co-editor of Managerial Review Quarterly (MRQ). His research and teaching has been awarded several prizes. Among others, he was a member of the finalists' teams for the "INFORMS Society of Marketing Science Practice Prize", which is awarded for outstanding implementations of marketing science concepts and methods.


Professor Reutterer has acquired teaching experience in both German and English language and covers subjects such as Marketing Managment, Marketing Research Methods, Retail and Service Marketing, or Customer Value Management. He teaches rather diverse target audiences including classes at the Undergraduate, Graduate, PhD level, and Executives. Thomas Reutterer is also an ITP Alumni, a faculty-development programme arranged by the International Schools of Business Management (ISBM), and participated in the Global Colloquium on Participant-Centered Learning (GloColl) at Harvard Business School. 

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Research in Progress

  • Profitability Dynamics in Evolving Firm-Customer Relationships, with Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter and Stefan Pittner (work in progress).

  • Incorporating Regularity in Stochastic Repeat-Buying Models, with Michael Platzer (working paper available upon request).

  • Optimal Incentivizing to Foster Cross-Selling in Vertically Integrated Firms, with Ulrich Berger (work in progress).


Selected Publications

  • Data analytics in a privacy-concerned world, by Jaap Wieringa, P.K. Kannan, Xiao Ma, Thomas Reutterer, Hans Risselada, and Bernd Skiera, Journal of Business Research, (forthcoming). [Abstract] [PDF Article]

  • Analyzing the Browsing Basket: A Latent Interests-Based Segmentation Tool, by Nadine Schröder, Andreas Falke, Harald Hruschka, and Thomas Reutterer, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 47, 181-197, 2019. [Abstract] [PDF Article]

  • A Data Mining Framework for Targeted Category Promotions, by Thomas Reutterer, Kurt Hornik, Nicolas March and Kathrin Gruber. Journal of Business Economics, 87 (3), 337-358, 2017. Open Access Article

  • Ticking Away the Moments: Timing Regularity Helps to Better Predict Customer Activitiy, by Michael Platzer and Thomas Reutterer. Marketing Science, 35 (5), 779-799, 2016. PDF Article Video Clip

  • How to derive consensus among various marketing journal rankings?, by Stefan Theußl, Thomas Reutterer and Kurt Hornik, Journal of Business Research, 67 (5), 998-1006, 2014. Abstract

  • GIS-Based Marketing Decisions – Effects of Alternative Data Visualizations on Decision Quality, by Ana-Marija Ozimec, Martin Natter and Thomas Reutterer. Journal of Marketing, 74 (November), 94-110, 2010. Abstract

  • A Combined Approach for Segment-Specific Analysis of Market Basket Data, by Yasemin Boztug and Thomas Reutterer. European Journal of  Operational Research (EJOR), 187 (1), 294-312, 2008. PDF Article

  • An Assortmentwide Decision-Support System for Dynamic Pricing and Promotion Planning in DIY Retailing, by Martin Natter, Thomas Reutterer, Andreas Mild and Alfred Taudes. Marketing Science, 26 (4), 576-583, 2007. PDF Article

  • Data Mining und Marketing am Beispiel der explorativen Warenkorbanalyse, von Thomas Reutterer, Michael Hahsler und Kurt Hornik. Marketing - Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis (ZFP), 29 (3), 163-179, 2007. PDF Article

  • A Dynamic Segmentation Approach for Targeting and Customizing Direct Marketing Campaigns, by Thomas Reutterer, Andreas Mild, Martin Natter and Alfred Taudes. Journal of Interactive Marketing, 20 (3/4), 43-57, 2006. PDF Article

  • A Review of Methods for Measuring Willingness-to-Pay, by Christoph Breidert, Michael Hahsler and Thomas Reutterer. Innovative Marketing, 2 (4), 8-32. PDF Article

  • An improved collaborative filtering approach for predicting cross-category purchases based on binary market basket data, by Andreas Mild and Thomas Reutterer. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 10 (3), 123-133, 2003. PDF Article

  • Segmentation-based competitive analysis with MULTICLUS and topology representing networks, by Thomas Reutterer and Martin Natter. Computers & Operations Research, 27, 1227-1247, 2000. PDF Article (neural network learning)

  • A Nonparametric Approach to Perceptions-Based Market Segmentation: Applications, by Christian Buchta, Sara Dolnicar and Thomas Reutterer. Wien, New York: Springer, 2000.Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics and Management. ISBN 3-211-83474-5 [more details] 


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