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Our research and teaching activities focus on marketing management in a dynamic service landscape. Many service industries are being radically transformed by advances in information technology and interactive online media. This offers tremendous opportunities and makes service marketing an extremely exciting and challenging field of study.

Our research is interdisciplinary with links to statistics, economics, psychology, and information systems. We use modern statistical and marketing science methods to develop and to apply marketing models for managerial decision support. To serve the needs of our industry partners and policy makers, we balance basic and applied research.

Our students are seeking research-driven course content and wish to acquire skills in marketing research, business analytics, and decision making. We offer practice-oriented and experiential teaching formats to entable students to translate their skills into the design of effective marketing programs.

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Dominik Angerer

"Yet another Start-up Story?” by Dominik Angerer

Dominik Angerer, Gründer und CEO vom Linzer Start-up Storyblok, teilte mit den Studierenden unserer Service Marketing SBWL spannende Einblicke in die disruptive Entwicklung von „Headless“-CMS (Content…


Andreas Greilhuber, anyline: Making of a Start-Up in Austria

DI Andreas Greilhuber vom Wiener Start-Up anyline teilt mit unseren Studierenden der SBWL Service & Digital Marketing seine Erfahrungen als Entrepreneur in der österreichischen Start-up Szene. Nach…

Förderer und Förderinnen Event an WU

Pandemie, Digitalisierung und Marketing

Bei einem Event für Förderinnen und Förderer der WU referierten Dieter Scharitzer und Thomas Reutterer zum Thema: „Back to the future - wie Pandemie und Digitalisierung die Gesellschaft, das…

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Forschungsprojekt der Studierenden am Deck 50 des Naturhistorischen Museum Wien

Studierende des Kurses "Touristic Project Seminar" von Hr. Dr. Wolfgang Sovis in der SBWL Service und Digital Marketing untersuchten das brandneue „Deck 50“,  einer offenen Innovations- und…