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Journal Articles (published or under review)
Baldassari, P., Eberhard, S., Jiang, J., Müller-Camen, M., Obereder, L., Schiffinger, M., & Thiele, R. (2022). The Role of Person-Group Fit and Supervisor-Fit for Team Leaders' and Team Members' OCBE and WGGA. Under review (3rd revise and resubmit) at Human Resource Management (earlier versions were presented in 2021at AOM and EURAM conferences).

Jiang, Y., Jackson, S. E., Shim, H., Budhwar, P., Renwick, D. W., Jabbour, C. J. C., Jabbour, A.B., Tang, G., Muller-Camen, M., Wagner, M. & Kim, A. (2022). Culture as context: a five-country study of discretionary green workplace behavior. Organization & Environment, 35, 4, 499-522. https://doi.org/10.1177/10860266221104039 (previous versions were presented in 2019 at AOM and EURAM conferences).

Book Chapter

Obereder, L., Müller-Camen, M., & Renwick, D.W.S. (2022). GHRM in Sustainability Reporting: An Exploratory Analysis across Six Countries using the AMO Framework. In:Paille, P. (ed.) Green Human Resource Management Research, Palgrave Macmillan, 141-166. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-06558-3_7

Conferences Papers (only for papers not published or currently not under review)

Baldassari, P., Thiele, R., Obereder, L., Müller-Camen, M., & Schiffinger, M. (2020, September). International differences in voluntary behavior and attitudes towards the environment: The example of a multinational company. Presented at annual conference of German HRM academics, Düsseldorf, Germany

Müller-Camen, M., Lemanski, M.K., & Eberhard, S. (2022, September). Green Human Resource Management in Multinational Corporations. Presented at 8th Annual International Academic AIB-CEE Chapter Conference on Knowledge and Sustainability in International Business, Zagreb, Croatia.

Müller-Camen, M., Obereder, L., & Thiele, R. (2020; July). Blurring of the Lines between Quality and Questionable Research: A Wake-Up Call for Green HRM and other Fields of Research. Presented at the 36. EGOS Colloquium, online (an earlier version was presented at Jahrestagung VHB 2020).          

Thiele, R. (2020, September). Green HRM vs. Green OB: Two strongly growing, related but parallel fields? – A bibliometric analyses. Presented at the 35. EIASM Conference of Human Resource Management, online.

Articles in Practitioner Journal

Müller-Camen, M., Obereder, L., & Thiele, R. (2021, April). Mehr Nachhaltigkeit im Unternehmen: Was kann die Personalarbeit dazu beitragen? [More sustainability in the company: What can HR contribute to this?]. Talente-Magazin der Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart. https://fachkraefte.region-stuttgart.de/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/TalenteAusgabe_1-2021-8seitig-web.pdf

Müller-Camen, M., Wagner, M., & Breitenfeld, V. (2020, July). Green HRM: Mit nachhaltiger Personalarbeit Unternehmen voranbringen [Driving companies forward with sustainable HR work]. personal manager, 4/2020, 13-15. blog.personal-manager.at/2020/07/14/green-hrm-mit-nachhaltiger-personalarbeit-unternehmen-voranbringen/ blog.personal-manager.at/2020/07/14/green-hrm-mit-nachhaltiger-personalarbeit-unternehmen-voranbringen/   

Obereder, L., Müller-Camen, M. (2020, July). Grüne Vielfalt: Green HRM im internationalen Vergleich [Green diversity: Green HRM in international comparison]. personal manager, 4/2020, 16-18.

Wagner, M., Löw, J., & Müller-Camen, M. (2022, June). Das Paradoxon der Nachhaltigkeit [The paradox of sustainability] Personalwirtschaft, 4/2022, 28-29.

Wagner, M., Obereder, L., Geuenich, B. (2020, July). Luft nach oben: Studie untersucht grüne Personalarbeit in Unternehmen [Room for improvement: study examines green HR work in companies]. personal manager, 4/2020, 19-20.. https://blog.personal-manager.at/2020/07/14/luft-nach-oben-studie-untersucht-gruene-personalarbeit/

Practitioner Workshops & Symposia

Müller-Camen, M. (2022, October). Shaping the new world of work through sustainable and green HRM. EIPA Online-Event “Shaping a sustainable green culture inside Public Administration – Ever thought of a “green (HR) management” to support leadership?”t.

Müller-Camen, M. (2022, July). Nachhaltiges Personalmanagement: Was können Personalleiter:innen beitragen, um nicht nur ökonomische Ziele sondern auch ökologische und soziale Ziele zu erreichen? [Sustainable HRM: What can HR managers contribute to achieve not only financial goals, but also ecological and social goals)]. Fachtagung Personal Sparkassenverband Bayern, Sparkassenakademie Landshut.

Müller-Camen, M. (2022, May). Ist Nachhaltiges (Green) Human Resource Management die Zukunft des Personalwesens? [Is sustainable (Green) HRM the future of HR]. OM-Veranstaltung zum Thema „Green HRM“, Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, online.

Müller-Camen, M. (2022, May). New Work mit nachhaltigem und grünem Personalmanagement gestalten [Designing the future of work with sustainable and Green HRM]. EIPA Online-Veranstaltung Den Wandel nachhaltig gestalten mit grünem Personalmanagement.

Müller-Camen, M., Thiele, R. (2021, December). Green HRM. Lectures4Future, FH BFI Wien, online.

Müller-Camen, M., Thiele, R. (2021, November). Ist Green Human Ressource Management die Zukunft des Personalwesens? [Is Green Human Resource Management the Future of Human Resources?]. WU Executive Academy, online.

Müller-Camen, M. (2021, June). nHRM – Green HRM. Auftakt Fachgespräch [nHRM – Green HRM. Kick-off expert talk]. Talente-Forum online: Nachhaltiges Personalmanagement 1, Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, online.

Obereder, L. (2021, July). nHRM – Green HRM im Recruiting. Praxistipps Vertiefung [nHRM - Green HRM in Recruiting. Practical Immersion]. Talente-Forum online: Nachhaltiges Personalmanagement 3, Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, online.

Thiele, R. (2021, September). Die Zukunft ist Grün – Wie Green HRM Unternehmen nachhaltig und zukunftsfähig macht [The Future is Green - How Green HRM Makes Companies Sustainable and Fit for the Future]. Future of Work Ost HR Kongress, Bad Loipersdorf, Österreich.

Thiele, R. (2021, September). Die Zukunft ist Grün – Wie Green HRM Unternehmen nachhaltig und zukunftsfähig macht [The Future is Green - How Green HRM Makes Companies Sustainable and Fit for the Future]. Future of Work West HR Kongress, Zell am See, Österreich.

Thiele, R. (2021, June). Green HRM. Praxistipps im Überblick [Green HRM. Practical tips at a glance]. Talente-Forum online: Nachhaltiges Personalmanagement 2, Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, online.