Project launch: Innovation for Dementia in the Danube Region (INDEED)

The NPO & SE Compe­tence Center is part of the recently laun­ched project “Inno­va­tion for Dementia in the Danube Region (INDEED)”, which has been approved for funding under the 2nd call of the INTERREG Danube Trans­na­tional Programme (DTP). As one of the conse­quences of demo­gra­phic change, dementia is a growing societal chal­lenge in the Danube region. However, the region's quality of dementia care lags behind Euro­pean stan­dards in terms of know­ledge, skills, and coope­ra­tion of health­care profes­sio­nals, avail­a­bi­lity of related services, and the use of assis­tive tech­no­logy. Further­more, the emigra­tion of health­care workers is an incre­a­sing concern.

Facing these chal­lenges, INDEED is a colla­bo­ra­tive effort of 20 part­ners in 10 Euro­pean coun­tries who share the common goal of impro­ving Dementia care in the Danube Region. Cont­ri­bu­ting to the imple­men­ta­tion of national dementia stra­te­gies, one of INDEED's prior objec­tives is to enhance the quality of life of dementia pati­ents and their care­gi­vers. To realise this goal, the inter­di­sci­pli­nary part­nership creates a cros­s-border infor­ma­tion and skil­l-buil­ding inter­ven­tion covering important aspects from medi­cine, psycho­logy, busi­ness, and infor­ma­tion tech­no­logy.

Under the 2nd call of the Interreg DTP, 22 out of 119 submitted propo­sals have been approved for funding. INDEED is one out of 6 projects that address the specific objec­tive of incre­a­sing compe­tences for busi­ness and social inno­va­tion (SO 1.2). The project has been laun­ched on 1 July 2018 and runs for 3 years. Further infor­ma­tion and conti­nuous updates may be obtained from the project's webpage (http://www.inter­re­g-da­nube.eu/appro­ve­d-­pro­jects/indeed) and in FIDES (https://bach.wu.ac.at/d/rese­arch/projects/3224/). Further­more we will keep you updated on our news feed and face­book page.

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