A Recap: The Social Impact Award Summit 2019

20. Dezember 2019

From December 3rd to 7th a delegation of the Social Entrepreneurship Center took part at the Social Impact Award (SIA) Summit 2019 in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The SIA Summit is a gathering of 150+ young social innovators from Europe, Central Asia and East Africa and aims to foster the potential of leading international and national organizations working at the frontier of social entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.

In order to support this process Peter Vandor and Lukas Weissinger were conducting sessions on impact assessment, stressing the importance of a data driven approach towards social entrepreneurship.

Peter Vandor presented the SIA Alumni Survey, which looked at the impact winners, finalists and participants had over the past years, as well as looking at the longevity of SIA projects. Further Lukas Weissinger displayed the results of the yearly conducted surveys by SEC about SIA’s curriculum. The key objective was to provide data on workshop quality, the application process, as well as personal and project development. This allows local SIA hosts to reflect on their educational and operative work and gives them the basis for evolving their own impact. In addition to that, interested SIA 2019 winners had the opportunity to attend an introductory workshop on impact assessment.

Furthermore, Peter Vandor joined an interdisciplinary group of foundation managers, academics, corporate leaders and civic actors in discussing Social Entrepreneurship as a versatile tool specifically for conflict areas, such as in the hosting country Ukraine. In order to learn from already existing work in the Ukraine as well as working on new ways to impact society with social entrepreneurship.

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