Außenansicht des D3 Gebäudes

INEQ Working Paper Series

#20:    12/2020

On Top of the Top - Adjusting wealth distributions using national rich lists

Disslbacher, Franziska
Ertl, Michael
List, Emanue
Mokre, Patrick
Schnetzer, Matthias

#19:    09/2020

Housing and Income Inequality in Europe: What drives the difference?

List, Emanuel

#18:    04/2020

Distributional National Accounts (DINA) with Household Survey Data: Methodology and Results for European Countries

Ederer, Stefan
Humer, Stefan
Jestl, Stefan
List, Emanuel

#17:    03/2020

Die Doctrine classique des Familienbonus+ - Eine Debatte in 5 Akten

Humer, Stefan
Lechinger, Vanessa
Six, Eva

#16:    01/2020

Multidimensional Wealth Inequality: A Hybrid Approach toward Distributional National Accounts in Europe

Waltl, Sofie R.

#15:    03/2020

Distributional National Accounts (DINA) for Austria, 2004-2016

Jestl, Stefan
List, Emanuel

#14:    09/2019

Class Matters - Philanthropie US-amerikanischer Haushalte

Banabak, Selim
Premrov, Tamara
Six, Eva
Beran, Sarah

#13:    08/2019

What did you really earn last year?: Explaining measurement error in survey income data

Angel, Stefan
Disslbacher, Franziska
Humer, Stefan
Schnetzer, Matthias

#12:    08/2019

Tax Preferences, Partisanship and Perceptions of Society: Evidence from Austria

Zens, Gregor
Warum, Philipp

#11:    06/2019

Salience of Inherited Wealth and the Support forInheritance Taxation

Bastani, Spencer
Waldenström, Daniel

#10:    09/2018

Making sense of Piketty’s "fundamental laws" in a Post-Keynesian framework

Ederer, Stefan
Rehm, Miriam

#9:    06/2018

The Decomposition of Income Inequality in the EU-28

Kranzinger, Stefan

#8:    02/2018

Literacy skills, equality of educational opportunities and educational outcomes: An international comparison

Jovicic, Sonja

#7:    05/2017

The Convergence of the Middle Class. New evidence for Europe

Derndorfer, Judith
Kranzinger, Stefan

#6:    03/2017

Poverty in Times of Crisis

Ahammer, Alexander
Kranzinger, Stefan

#5:    02/2017

Can’t Keep Up with the Joneses: How Relative Deprivation Pushes Internal Migration in Austria

Jestl, Stefan
Moser, Mathias
Raggl, Anna K.

#4:    09/2016

The Role of Age and Gender in Education Expansion

Sauer, Petra

#3:    08/2016

Macht - Das Unsichtbare sichtbar machen

Altzinger, Wilfried

#2:    08/2016

Explaining Income Inequality Trends in Countries: An Integrated Approach

Rao, Narasimha D.
Sauer, Petra
Pachauri, Shonali

#1:    02/2016

Bequests and the Accumulation of Wealth in the Eurozone

Humer, Stefan
Moser, Mathias
Schnetzer, Matthias