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Credit Transfer

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Please inform yourself about the general information and recognition proceedings first!

If you are planning a semester abroad, we recommend you to check recognition and credit transfer before departing. The course-recognition list provides assistance when looking for a course and in principle, these courses will be accredited. However, it is recommended to ensure that the course contents are the same. Courses not recorded in the recognition-list may be accredited in case they have sufficient similarities regarding contact hours, content and course requirements. If this applies, you can hand-in the "Vorausbescheid" prior to going abroad (documents and further information may be found, here: Bachelor students; Master students).

Foreign course recognition within the specialization "International Business"

Foreign course recognition within the elective "International Business II - Cross Functional Management"

Foreign course recognition within the IB Track Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility (SaC)

Foreign course recognition within the IB Track Central Europe Connect (CEC)

If you have any further questions, which were not answered above, please contact either the Study Regulations Office or sbwlib@wu.ac.at.