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Overview & Contents

IB Strategies is dedicated to managing multinational companies, international knowledge transfer and regional strategies. The key area IB Markets covers market-entry strategies, emerging markets and globalization. IB Resources focuses on international HR management, cross-cultural management and multicultural teams. Besides in-depth knowledge within these three key areas, students are also provided the linkages and interrelations among and between these fields leading to both, a solid overview of international business as well as specialized knowledge. Additionally, students will acquire essential social skills and abilities such as presentation expertise, effective communication abilities and team-work skills. This is realized by using a selected mix of teaching methods including case studies, interactive discussions, team-work assignments, seminars and ongoing presentations.

Recommended Course of Studies

The program structure of the specialization International Business is flexible and allows students to complete course work within two or three semesters. The necessary prerequisite for taking the advanced seminars (courses 3-5) consists in completing the two basic courses (1-2) Foundations and Applications.

1st semester:Course 1 (basic course) - Foundations of International Business
Course 2 (basic course) - International Business Applications
2nd (or 3rd) semester:Course 3 - Seminar IB Strategies
Course 4 - Seminar IB Markets
Course 5 - Seminar IB Resources

Optional: Dedicated Tracks

The Institute for International Business offers three, non-mandatory, dedicated tracks within the IB spcialization. These tracks include the regular 1st semester courses 1 and 2 as well as dedicated 2nd (or 3rd) semester courses 3, 4 and 5. Students will receive an additional diploma certifying their participation in the respective track:

Central Europe Connect (CEC)

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility (SaC)

SME Internationalization