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Master Thesis @ IFU

All theses at our institute require an empirical analysis part. This usually includes generating data from interviews, through a survey or using databases. If you are interested in topics of past masters’ theses and dissertations written at our institute, see here.

Research Topics

Areas of Interest

  • Strategic performance management

  • Managing team creativity

  • Selection of creative ideas

  • Management control practices in nonprofit organizations

  • Implementation of Sustainability/CSR strategies


  • Quantitative methods

Areas of Interest

  • The design of management control systems

  • The role of management control systems in

    • Managing creativity and innovation

    • The identification, development and retention of talent

    • Shaping organizational culture

    • Mitigating the leaking pipeline of female talent

  • Budgeting, target setting and forecasting


  • Quantitative methods

Areas of Interest

  • Management accounting and management control practices

  • Business planning and forecasting

  • Corporate valuation


  • Quantitative methods

Management Accounting

Performance Management

Budgeting and Target Setting

Performance Evaluation

Creativity and Management Control

Experimental-​, survey-​, and archival methods

Aleksandra Klein


Management Accounting

Performance Management

Creativity & Management Control

Psychological Implications in Management Accounting Practices

Leadership & Teamwork

Incentive Systems and Innovation

Management Control in R&D-intensive firms

Strategic Management and Management Control