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Tanja Schiffner

Tanja Schiffner, M.Sc.

Tanja Schiffner M.Sc.

Research and Teaching Associate (Prae Doc)

Populärwissenschaftlicher Artikel

2023 Grabner, Isabella, Schiffner, Tanja, Wabnegg, Markus. 2023. Talente binden mit den "New Ways of Working": Chancen und Herausforderungen. Mehr erfahren

Work at IfU, previous experience and academic profile

Tanja is a research and teaching associate and has been with the Institute for Strategy and Managerial Accounting (IfU) since July 2022. She completed her M.Sc. in International Management at the University of Cologne (UoC) majoring in Accounting, Taxation and Finance in combination with the CEMS Master program in International Management at UoC and Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Prior to that, Tanja received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration / International Business from Pforzheim University, Germany. During her studies, Tanja spent several semesters abroad, including the University of Hong Kong (HKU), IÉSEG – School of Management in Paris and CBS in Copenhagen.

Before joining academia, Tanja has worked in Finance, Controlling, Strategy and Consulting for the telecommunications industry in Germany and Austria – as well as completing various internships in Controlling, Consulting and Business Development in Germany, the U.S. and Thailand.

Research interest

Tanja’s research interests lie in “New Ways of Working” and here in the broader context of performance management, performance measurement, management control and incentive systems. Within this broader subject area, Tanja looks mainly into two different fields of interest.

One field refers to telecommuting in conjunction with retention, incentives, and performance management, as well as how to improve the effectivity of telecommuting. Another field of her research refers to peer evaluations with a special focus on incentive systems.

For conducting her research, Tanja makes use of empirical methods, especially surveys and field experiments. As Tanja is highly concerned with the linkage between her research and practice, she works closely with practice partners.