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Otto Janschek

Ass.Prof. Mag.Dr.rer.soc.oec. Otto Janschek

Ass.Prof. Mag.Dr.rer.soc.oec. Otto Janschek

Stellvertretender Institutsvorstand/Stellvertretender Vorsitzender des Senats

Education and research interests

Otto Janschek studied Business Administration (Diploma) and completed his doctorate in Social and Economic Science at WU (accounting theory). He received tenure in 1995 and has been an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Industrial Management until 2010 and from then on at the Institute of Strategic Management and Management Control.

His research interests cover both the field of management and financial accounting. In management accounting, management control systems packages and configurations, innovations in management accounting and incentive systems are core interests. In financial accounting, topics of interest cover group accounting procedures, disclosure practices and the use of financial accounting information in forecasting earnings and valuation by security analysts.


Over the years Otto Janschek has taught courses on a wide area of subjects ranging from financial and management accounting topics to project management. He was the long-term coordinator of the intermediate accounting course compulsory for all business students and established with his team one of the first large electronic course formats at Learn@WU including lecture casts.

For the specialization in Strategic Management and Management Control (SBWL Unternehmensführung), Otto Janschek developed project basted courses on “Business Analysis and Forecasting (BAP/BFP)” and “Valuation”. In both courses student teams tackle the analysis of a listed company as  financial analysts or valuation consultants to potential buyers and sellers. Both courses include practitioner feed back and have been conducted in partnership with well-known Austrian listed firms (BAP/BFP) and Deloitte and kpmg (valuation).

On the master level Otto Janschek has taught management accounting courses both in the SIMC master and in WU Executive Academy programs.

Otto Janschek has received several prizes for teaching excellence in undergraduate and Master programs. Since it’s inception in 2006, Otto Janschek has served as a mentor for WU’s undergraduate excellence program, WU Top League.

University roles

After having served on numerous committees and on the Senate, Otto Janschek has been elected as speaker of the research and teaching staff on the Senate and as one of three deputy speakers of the senate since 2010.

Transfer of Research into Practice

Apart from teaching and research projects conducted with business partners, Otto Janschek has more than 20 years of experience as a management trainer. Currently he is working with the Austrian Controllers’ Institute (ÖCI, http://www.controller-institut.at/de/) where he designed the Certified Group Accountant program.