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Online Proceedings 2011

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IACCM Online Conference Proceedings June 2011

Angelova, P.: Multikulti ist Gescheitert. Es lebe die Interkultur. Mobile Gesellschaft und Verwandlungsangebote

Bell, R.: Age Diversity Management: Is it a Cultural Issue?

Bell, R.: A Semiotic and Critical Approach to Teaching Inter-cultural Management

Bös, B.; Dauber, D.; Springnagel, M.: Measuring Organizational Culture: An Empirical Assessment of the Hofstede Questionnaire in an Austrian Setting

Chukov, V.: Bulgarian Ethnic Model – National Version of the Dialog of Civilizations

Corporaal, G.: Synergy-Seeking versus Distinction-Drawing: Processes of Integration and Differentiation in a Japanese-Dutch Takeover Process

Dauber, D.; Tavernier, A.: Coping with Ineffective Leadership

Dicheva, L.: The Importance of Stereotypes to International Relations (The Case of Bulgaria)

Eisenberg, J.; Wang, X.; Huang, J. J.; Forde, A.: The Effects of Age, Ethnic and Gender Differences between Customers and Service Providers on Service Quality

Fink, G.; Yolles, M.: Understanding Normative Personality and its Intelligences

Fink, G.; Yolles, M.: Understanding Organisational Intelligences as Constituting Elements of Normative Personality

Fugunt, H.; Karapchanski, S.: Romania – Bulgaria Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013. A Case Study of the Ruse-Giurgiu Cross-border Region

Kutsarova, M.: Intercultural Communication with International Students: Bulgarian Realities and Foreign Good Practices (The Role of Public Relations)

Magala, S.: The unbearable bitteness of being

Maimone, F.; Mormino, S.: Guccione, G.: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind. The Impact of Cultural and Linguistic Barriers on Communication and Cooperation, the Emergence of Identitarian Networks and the Need for “Translation” in the Italian Subsidiary of a Chinese Multinational Company

Morska, L.: Intercultural Communicative Competence: Implications for Teaching

Petrova, R.: ‘Global English’: Pro et Contra

Popova, J.: The Attitudes towards Intercultural Dialogue and Intercultural Cooperation and their Link with Cross-border Relationships and Interactions (The case with Bulgarian-Romanian Cross-border Cooperation)

Roth, J.: Ethical Considerations for Intercultural Trainers

Sokolova, H.: Understanding the Value of Cultural Dialogue in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary (The Cases of Cluj-Napoca /Kolozsvár/ and BRIE – Ruse – Giurgiu)

Vladkova, G.: Intercultural Communication at Risk /Analysis of a case of the Border Police – Bourgas

Zlateva, M.: Communication in the Digital World and Dialogue among Civilizations /Communication – from John Atanasoff until the Present Day