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The European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (EJCCM) is an academic publication with strong ties to the International Association of Cross-Cultural Management and Competence. Please find here the EJCCM-Inderscience leaflet.

With the establishment of the association in 1997, the former official scholarly publication (International Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management - JCCM) came into existence. The journal developed over the years to take its place as an important publication in the field of cross-cultural research, especially related to management.

In 2008 the former JCCM has been relaunched and is now published with a new publishing house (Inderscience Publishers), similar but clearer in scope and with a new concept in place. The official name of the publication is now "European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (EJCCM)".

The editorial board and reviewing team of the journal have been enlarged substantially. Prof. Rosalie Tung is serving as Chief Editorial Advisor. Secretary General of the IACCM, Fabrizio Maimone is serving as the Executive Editor while experienced members of the association and researchers in the field Prof. Gerhard Fink, Prof. Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Prof. Slawomir Magala and Prof. Nigel Holden are serving as Co-Editors. There is now also a strong cooperation with the European chapter of the Society of International Education Training and Research (SIETAR Europe).

All information, including a detailed description of EJCCM scope, author guidelines and contact persons can be found online at the journal´s website: InderScience Publishing

Former publication JCCM

Volumes of the former JCCM can unfortunately no longer be obtained. For reference, the table of contents of the five volumes that had been published can be accessed at our website. In case authors should be interested in any of the volumes and/or specific articles, we recommend to contact iaccm@wu.ac.at.

Table of contents: Vol. 1 (1998), Vol. 2 (2000), Vol. 3 (2002), Vol. 4 (2004), Vol. 5 (2006).

2015: Special Issue on: "Culture, Integration and Communication: Issues and Approaches in Higher Education Contexts"